Life on Campus
The Campus

Our campus on Sassoon Road is home to a vibrant and talented student body. Here, students are provided with a myriad of opportunities to develop their medical knowledge and skills, as well as their wider extracurricular interests.

Medical education has been at the heart of The University of Hong Kong's history since our inception and HKUMed has been a leader in medical education and research throughout our 130+ years of history. We are proud to continue our tradition of pioneering achievement from our campus on Sassoon Road. We have trained thousands of healthcare practitioners and scientists, as well as many internationally renowned researchers and policy-makers. Today we look forward to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals and leaders.


The Medical Campus on Sassoon Road accommodates teaching departments/schools and their research laboratories, as well as various state-of-the-art facilities. The new Faculty Learning Commons provides a shared space where students and teachers can meet up and participate in various kinds of teaching and learning activities, while the newly refurbished Cheung Chin Lan Hong Atrium is the built expression of HKUMed’s core mission to enrich the total learning experience for students to socialise and connect with one another outside of class.

A comprehensive plan for development has been put forward to answer the demand for space at the Medical Campus. The Sassoon Road will be transformed into a big contiguous state-of-the-science medical campus stretching all the way from Queen Mary Hospital on Pokfulam Road at the top, to the Victoria Road roundabout at the bottom. A reinvigorated built environment will continue to provide exceptional support and opportunities for students, as well as taking our research with the advent of new technologies to the next level.

Our teaching hospital Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) is not only the main regional hospital for Hong Kong Island but is also a tertiary referral centre for the whole territory. Most of the Faculty’s clinical departments are located at QMH. A lot of learning also takes place here, supported by the many lecture theatres, seminar rooms and other teaching facilities at QMH.

HKUMed students are also taught in other Hospital Authority hospitals. You may also have opportunities to learn at three private hospitals, The Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, and the University of Hong Kong–Shenzhen Hospital which are all key partners of the Faculty in teaching, training and research, under the HKU Health System.

The Yu Chun Keung Medical Library is a centre of excellence in knowledge management. It provides the physical environment and the virtual resources for holistic learning, as well as services and resources which support the curriculum, research, continuing education for our students. The Medical Library is an integral part of the University Libraries comprising significant digital resources, multimedia as well as extensive print collections on biomedical and health sciences. The Collection traces its origin back to the founding, in 1887, of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, forerunner of the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine. The Library became a World Health Organization Depository Library in 1993.

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The learning environment at HKUMed has been greatly enhanced by the newly-renovated common area, known as the Learning Commons, where you can not only study but meet up with fellow students for a variety of academic and learning exchanges. The Learning Commons enjoys a full view of the ocean and its features include a mini amphitheater, an innovative lecture theatre, areas to relax from your studies, and group study areas.