HKU Health System

HKU Health System

HKU Health System is the umbrella executive arm overseeing the Faculty’s clinical enterprises as well as the branding focal point of the teaching, research and clinical activities therein. HKU Health System has now firmly established itself as the overarching governance platform for relations with our affiliated teaching hospitals and oversees the entire clinical affairs, as a one-stop service in our integrated approach to engaging with clinical staff, healthcare organisations and patients.


Besides, with the generous funding support from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, our team is also responsible for the establishment of the Centre for Clinical Innovation and Discovery & Institute of Cancer Care at Grantham Hospital, Hong Kong’s first academic cancer centre to support personalized and precision medicine as well as Hong Kong’s first one-stop patient centre for psychosocial cancer care.


I hope that you find this section informative. I warmly invite you to visit us at HKU and connect with us.


Professor Joseph Lui

Associate Dean (Clinical Affairs)

Clinical Director of HKU Health System