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Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

The 2019/2020 admissions exercise starts in September 2018. The proposed timeline for the admission process for MBBS is set out below:

Sept Submission of applications Submission of applications
Dec Selection interview; making offers
Apr Selection interview; making offers
Jun First round interview Selection interview; making offers
Jul Announcement of HKDSE results Announcement of IB exam results (or its equivalent exam)
Second round interview Selection interview; making offers
Aug Acceptance of offers Announcement of GCEAL exam results (or its equivalent exam)
Selection interview; making offers
Clearing of waiting list and appeal cases

The number of intake for the MBBS programme is 265* in 2019/2020. All candidates, regardless of the channels from which they apply for admission, will be shortlisted for interview on the basis of their academic merits. An overall review on the academic results, performance at interview(s), referee's comments and other attributes (e.g. participation in extra-curricular activities, leadership, to name a few) will be made on each candidate before reaching the final decision on granting offers.

In addition to satisfying the University Entrance Requirements as stated at, candidates for admission shall satisfy all of the following requirements in HKDSE:

  1. achieve the level of performance in the four core subjects as below:
    Subjects Level of Performance
    English 4
    Chinese 3
    Mathematics 2
    Liberal Studies 2
  2. attain at least Level 3 in two electives, one of which must be:
    1. Chemistry or
    2. Combined Science with Chemistry as one of the components

The first round of interviews for HKDSE candidates is scheduled to take place in June. Only those who have put MBBS as one of their Band A choices will be shortlisted on the basis of their school reference reports and information provided in their applications to attend the interview.

After the announcement of the HKDSE results in mid-July, the second round of interviews will be held. The following grid illustrates the conditions where candidates will be required to attend the interview in this round:

HKDSE results June interview Not interviewed in June
Excellent Average Poor
Excellent     second interview July interview
Borderline second interview second interview   July interview

Overseas students or local students who are applying for admission on the strength of examination results other than HKDSE should submit their applications direct to the University through the Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme. Please visit the webpage for the range and level of qualifications accepted by the University as well as the subject requirements for the MBBS programme. Candidates applying for the programme should have working knowledge of Cantonese.

Interview Arrangement

Those who list the MBBS programme as their first choice will be considered preferentially. Interviews for non-JUPAS candidates should normally be held in December, April and June. Candidates who are not shortlisted for the December/April/June interview may be invited to attend an interview in July/August after their passing the public/final examinations with flying colours. The interviews are conducted face-to-face in both English and Cantonese. Candidates selected for interview will receive an invitation via email. Due to the tight timeline of the admission exercise, rescheduling of interviews may not be viable. Any travel required to attend an interview is at the candidate's own expenses. The shortlisting and selection varies from year to year depending on the number and quality of the candidates.

Candidates are strongly advised to upload a copy of their public examination results (e.g. IB/GCEAL) or the latest academic transcript (e.g. in the end-of-year or end-of-semester examination in schools) to the HKU Application System if the information has not been available at the point of submitting their application. This will help to facilitate the screening and review process by the Medical Faculty Admissions Committee.

Candidates who are interviewed in December/April/June may be given conditional offers which are to be realized upon their satisfactory achievement of the required results by a certain date. They should upload the document of proof showing their attainment of the required results to the HKU Application System once it is available. Confirmation of offer will be sent to the candidates via email, upon receipt of their academic transcript/certification of grades.

The criteria for making conditional offers may vary from year to year depending on the quality of the candidates in each admission exercise.

Results of Applications

Candidates can view the status of their application on the HKU Application System. The HKU Admissions Office will inform successful candidates via email during January to August. However, candidates placed on a waiting list may not hear the result of their application until late August.

Candidates who are offered a place and accept the offer will receive detailed instructions about joining the University. Information on student registration at the University will be available at at around mid-July.

Interview Notification

For the rounds of interview for JUPAS and Non-JUPAS candidates, the timeline for receiving notifications from the Faculty Office is as below:

Interview round Streams of candidates Notification by the Faculty Office about the interview
December Non-JUPAS Early December
April Non-JUPAS Mid to late March
June JUPAS Late May
Non-JUPAS Mid to late May
July Non-JUPAS Early July
JUPAS Mid July
August Non-JUPAS Mid to late August

Shortlisted candidates will be notified via email or by phone call.

*subject to the Government's and the Legislative Council's approval