Undergraduate Studies
Enrichment Year

The Enrichment Year (EY) is a compulsory credit-bearing component, which gives each MBBS III student the means to take charge of their learning and tailor activities to their interests and desires.

EY is specially designed to facilitate the enhancement of students’ total learning experience. Students are able to formulate their EY through three different categories: Service/Humanitarian Work, Research Attachment and Intercalation.

Students may take part in a humanitarian relief mission at remote locations, experience medical camps in under-developed countries, or work locally with NGOs via Service/Humanitarian Work. For those with investigative minds, research internship locally in HKU or internationally at world class laboratories fit perfectly with Research Attachment. Through Intercalation, students are able to enjoy electives or minors at HKU or full-year articulation studies at overseas renowned universities.

Our Enrichment Year is aligned with HKU’s overall goal to promote internationalisation, innovation and interdisciplinarity.

  • Overseas exchange studies
  • Humanitarian work overseas
  • Voluntary servicing programmes outside Hong Kong, etc.
  • Research internship locally or internationally
  • Self-initiated attachment to world renowned laboratories and clinical facilities to partake in research activities
  • Common Core courses offered by the University
  • Inter-faculty electives offered by other Faculties of HKU
  • Intra-faculty electives from the programmes of BPharm, BBiomedSc, BChinMed, BNurs and/or BASc(GHD)
  • “Medical Scholars Programme” to read for an intercalated Master programme

Four alumni share their EY experiences, from completing intercalated degrees overseas to joining service projects in remote areas, and what their experiences meant to them.

Five MBBS students share their Enrichment Year experience after returning to HKUMed campus to embark on their next journey as clinical year students.

Some MBBS students would like to have an extraordinary Enrichment Year by doing service at hospitals in Myanmar. While dedicating themselves to research projects at hospitals, they could observe how the doctors clerk the patients. See how the Enrichment Year has shaped their route to become a doctor.

“I helped to carry out reef surveys and gather data about diversity and stock of fish on our reef, making an impact in with the research that is ongoing within MRCI. It was a really rewarding and satisfying experience.”

Mr LAM Tin Chung Adrian
Service/Humanitarian Work
Internship at International Volunteer HQ, Madagascar

“My dream is to become a doctor who serves the disadvantaged … This was the reason that I chose to engage in this full-year service, to see the needs of the disadvantaged with my own eyes and to have a first-hand experience of what humanitarian work is like.”

Mr LIE Hao
Service/Humanitarian Work
Internship at Light and Life Association, Cambodia

Three MBBS students devoted themselves to medical research during their Enrichment Year. One set out to explore cancer treatment alternatives to chemotherapy, while another, working at a hospital, assisted with clinical trials aiming to improve the technology of cardiac MRI. The last student helped develop an A.I. recogniser programme, and had a taste of what it feels like to be Iron Man building J.A.R.V.I.S. Let’s see what they have to say about the Enrichment Year!

“The most significant achievement during Enrichment Year was being able to publish my scientific paper … I believe my work will be able to contribute to the clinical aspects of medicine.”

Miss CHAN Wai Ka Daisy
Research Attachment
at Department of Clinical Oncology, HKU, Hong Kong

“I had the opportunity to present some of our findings with the machine learning algorithm at a conference in Colorado. I was able to learn about other AI innovations that were being performed within the craniofacial specialty across North America of which was one of the most rewarding experiences for this year.”

Miss HON Wing Lam Nicole
Research Attachment
at the Hospital for Sick Children, Canada

As part of their Enrichment Year abroad, a group of MBBS students spend their 3rd year of study in the UK, living as a local and immersing themselves in a foreign city, whilst at the same time embracing the academic challenges and opportunities that came their way.

From publishing a debut academic paper at the University of Bristol, navigating the surprising obstacle of the culinary arts, and taking in the natural splendor of the English landscape by way of weekend hikes and cycling trips; to customising your own arts and humanities curriculum at the prestigious University of Oxford… the possibilities are simply endless, and only limited by your imagination.

“… This offered a precious opportunity for me to explore the world of research and microbiology … I have had an enjoyable time learning new knowledge and the hands-on experience of conducting experiments.”

Mr CHANG Chun Ho
MRes(Med) at HKU, Hong Kong

“With the knowledge equipped this year, I hope that I could apply what I have learnt from the programme in my future practice … The programme has given me a lot of insights. I think all these contribute to my goal of being a well-rounded and compassionate clinician in the future.”

MPH at HKU, Hong Kong