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Enrichment Year

This is a truly revolutionary and inspired offering at HKUMed, where students take charge of their learning activities before they enter the clinical years. You can pursue any area of study, research and/or service that is dear to your heart.

Your entire third year will be in your hands. The Enrichment Year gives each student the means to take charge of their learning and tailor activities to their interests and desires. You may want to take courses offered by the Faculty and other Faculties at HKU, go on an exchange overseas, or do a research internship locally or internationally at world renowned laboratories.

You may desire to pursue an intercalated programme for an additional degree, or take part in humanitarian relief missions. These and other options are all available to you provided they offer a learning and enriching experience and are approved by the Faculty.

Our Enrichment Year is aligned with HKU’s overall goal to promote internationalisation, innovation and interdisciplinarity.

  • Overseas exchange studies
  • Humanitarian work overseas
  • Voluntary servicing programmes outside Hong Kong, etc.
  • Research internship locally or internationally
  • Self-initiated attachment to world renowned laboratories and clinical facilities to partake in research activities
  • Common Core courses offered by the University
  • Inter-faculty electives offered by other Faculties of HKU
  • Intra-faculty electives from the programmes of BPharm, BBiomedSc, BChinMed, BNurs and/or BASc(GHD)
  • “Medical Scholars Programme” to read for an intercalated Master programme




"This year is to explore my interests - that's it. I have always been passionate about public health and service".

Inspired by his long-standing curiosity about the influence of international politics on global health, Max Lim, a MBBS student, has undertaken an internship at the World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific in Manila. Let’s take a look at this mini documentary about Max, showing his “enriching” work and life experience in the new horizon.


As part of their Enrichment Year abroad, a group of MBBS students spend their 3rd year of study in the UK, living as a local and immersing themselves in a foreign city, whilst at the same time embracing the academic challenges and opportunities that came their way.

From publishing a debut academic paper at the University of Bristol, navigating the surprising obstacle of the culinary arts, and taking in the natural splendor of the English landscape by way of weekend hikes and cycling trips; to customising your own arts and humanities curriculum at the prestigious University of Oxford… the possibilities are simply endless, and only limited by your imagination.


Three MBBS students devoted themselves to medical research during their Enrichment Year. One set out to explore cancer treatment alternatives to chemotherapy, while another, working at a hospital, assisted with clinical trials aiming to improve the technology of cardiac MRI. The last student helped develop an A.I. recogniser programme, and had a taste of what it feels like to be Iron Man building J.A.R.V.I.S.. Let’s see what they have to say about the past year!


For their Enrichment Year, 12 of our MBBS students set off to Yunnan Province, far from the comfort of classrooms and the metropolitan and into the underdeveloped county of Yongping. Their task: to make a difference through promoting awareness of public health in local hospitals and schools.


"It is a truly humbling experience, but I am also able to see how every single role on the ship is important. The community on board is extremely close. Even though we are from different cultural backgrounds, everyone is supportive to each other".

Phoebe Fung Sze-nga spent a year on board the Logos Hope, a floating book fair that sails round the world to bring books and knowledge to people in different ports.


"I am very interested in doing research in both immunology and DNA repair and I will be able to focus on both aspects".

Cyrus Yeung Chun-wing spent his Enrichment Year at Yale University doing research.

Click here to read the yearbook (2019/20)


Support to students: connect*ed

In line with university visions to expand the boundaries of student learning, and the stated University of Hong Kong (HKU) goal to enable all students to have learning experiences overseas and in mainland China prior to graduation, HKUMed implemented the novel Enrichment Year (EY) for all third-year MBBS students beginning in 2018-19. The EY programme aims to enhance the total learning experience and whole-person development of medical students beyond the discipline and beyond borders. All students must spend one full academic year in an activity of their choice within 3 themes – Research, Service/ Humanitarian work, and Intercalation/Exchange – anywhere around the world.

connect*ed is an online learning network that supports academic and personal growth through mentorship and inquiry-based exploration of professional goals. It aims to help students during their EY to (1) feel connected when geographically distant,(2) connect their disparate experiences with professional goals, and (3) make connections beyond individual, solitary reflection.

Details: https://connected.hku.hk/