Teaching and Learning

Student in Medical and Health Sciences Education (SIMHSE) is an overarching initiative to promote active engagement of students in teaching and curriculum development activities at HKUMed. Under the rationale that teaching plays an important role in the professional life of medical doctors and other healthcare professionals, SIMHSE was conceptualised as a general approach to fostering a culture that recognises teaching as part of the development of professional responsibility and competence.

SIMHSE took off with the modernisation of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme in 2019, which systematically enhanced the MBBS curriculum through technological and pedagogical innovations. With the adoption of a bottom-up approach to driving change and progress, students have since been actively engaged in the design and execution of teaching and teaching-related initiatives, such as the promotion of peer teaching, active learning pedagogy and EdTech. The educator-student partnership has helped realise a student-centred, fit-for-purpose curriculum while providing extra opportunities for students to develop themselves both personally and professionally as future trainers and educators.

All the educator-student partnership and student-led projects are implemented through the concerted effort of teachers and students under SIMHSE. In its latest endeavour, SIMHSE takes on the task to promote the adoption of AI in education at HKUMed.


Join Us!

Teachers and students at HKUMed who are interested in initiating more SIMHSE projects or have new ideas to explore with us, you are most welcome to drop us an email via simedtec@hku.hk.