Facilities and Services
HKU-HA Data Collaboration Laboratory (HKU-HADCL)

HKU-HA Data Collaboration Laboratory (HKU-HADCL), at the HKUMed Sassoon Road campus, was launched in July 2022 to provide added convenience to HKU researchers and postgraduate students to access the Hospital Authority (HA)'s HA Data Collaboration Laboratory (HADCL) Self-service Data Platform. 

The HADCL Self-service Data Platform was introduced in March 2020 with an aim to enable researchers from Universities to draft hypotheses and proposals, and conduct research studies by using the high-quality sample data and advanced statistical analytic platforms, Statistical Analysis System (SAS Viya), RStudio and Jupyter Notebook, provided. Researchers can make use of the abovementioned data analytics tools in HADCL to draw inspiration for health big data research from the sample data by themselves. Please visit the section below for more details.


Since October 2023, the remote access service of HKU-HADCL has been extended to accommodate researchers of the HA Health Data Collaboration Projects. From now until the access end date of current projects, authorised researchers of collaboration project teams could access the assigned HADCL Research Environment via remote connection at HKU-HADCL with an aim to allow more flexibility and enhance efficiency in their research endeavours. Please visit the section below for more details.