Relocation of Clinical Centre of School of Chinese Medicine, HKUMed marks an important milestone of the School’s development

30 May 2023

The School of Chinese Medicine, LKS Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong (HKUMed) has relocated to the new HKUMed Academic Building at 3 Sassoon Road, together with its Specialist Clinical Centre for Teaching and Research relocated, which marks an important milestone of the School’s 25th anniversary. Thanks to its strategic location, patients can now access quality Chinese Medicine (CM) clinical services at ease by simply crossing a footbridge from Queen Mary Hospital with barrier free access facilities. The relocated Clinical Centre also set an unparalleled learning and research environment for faculty members, students and teachers in their academic journey of Chinese medicine and integrative medicine.

The relocation was celebrated yesterday with a significant plaque unveiling ceremony and attended by distinguished guests including government officials, academic leaders, Chinese medicine industry representatives, healthcare professionals, staff and students of HKU. 

In fact, the School of Chinese Medicine, HKUMed has relocated its CM Clinical Skills Training Centre, CM Specimen Laboratory, CM Research and Teaching Laboratory and Specialist Clinical Centre for Teaching and Research earlier this year. All these facilities now operate collaboratively in providing faculty members, students and teachers with highly favourable environment for teaching and learning, research and provision of clinical services.

In observance of the surging demand for quality CM clinical services in the society, the newly furnished Clinical Centre is equipped with different facilities, including eight individual treatment rooms, five consultation rooms, one CM clinical teaching room and a CM dispensary, which work together to provide high quality medical services in synergy. In addition to providing general CM out-patient service, specialised out-patient service in Chinese Internal Medicine, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Traumatology and Orthopaedics, as well as Chinese Medicine Herbs, decoction service and CM granules were also provided to cope with the needs of patients.

To cater for the needs of COVID patients, the clinical centre has launched TeleConsultation service since March 2022 to provide the patients with quality CM services and increased convenience. The service has been extended to the patients at elderly’s homes, which was a collaborative effort with Hong Kong Hospital Authority to provide additional medical assistance to the community during pandemic period.

With the new Clinical Centre comes into operation, now the School has ten teaching and research bases in total, including two Clinical Centres for teaching and research under the School and six CM Clinics cum Training and Research Centres established under a tripartite collaboration amongst Hospital Authority, non-governmental organizations and HKU. Together with the CM clinics affiliated to the Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and the Department of Chinese Medicine in HKU-Shenzhen Hospital, all these clinical centres work perfectly together to act as quality practicum bases for students, to support clinical research in CM and integrative medicine and to provide high-quality CM clinical services to the community in need.

For more information about the Specialist Clinical Centre for Teaching and Research, please visit the School of Chinese Medicine website at; Tel: 3917 6433.


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Dr Ronald Lam Man-kin, Director of Health (fifth right), Professor Lau Chak-sing, Dean of HKUMed (fifth left) and Professor Feng Yibin, Director of School of Chinese Medicine, HKUMed (fourth right) officiated the plaque unveiling ceremony for relocation of Clinical Centre of School of Chinese Medicine, HKUMed.
Specialist Clinical Centre for Teaching & Research of School of Chinese Medicine, HKUMed.