‘Promoting Family Wellbeing: From Two Mega Family Projects to Future Multi-sector Collaborations’ Symposium 2022

17 September 2022

Event Date(s)/Period(s)
17 September 2022

Organised by
School of Public Health

The Symposium presented the remarkable achievements of the FAMILY: A Jockey Club Initiative for a Harmonious Society ('FAMILY Project') and the Hong Kong Jockey Club SMART Family-Link Project ('JCSFL Project'). Professor Lam Tai-hing (林大慶) (School of Public Health), Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee (陳肇始) (School of Nursing), Professor Reynold Cheng(鄭振剛)(Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering), Dr Kelvin Wang Man-ping (王文炳)(School of Nursing), others researchers and NGO partners shared experience and success of these two Projects, their vision of promoting family well-being with multi-sector collaborations, and the use of information and communications technology in family services in Hong Kong. The Symposium attracted more than 200 participants, including collaboration partners from the Hong Kong Jockey Club and NGOs, who attended in-person and virtually.


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