Joint Meeting: How to Apply the Frontiers of Medical Research in HKU to Translational Research in HKU-SZH

17 September 2022

Event Date(s)/Period(s)
17 September 2022

Organised by
HKU-SZH and School of Biomedical Sciences

This was the first of a series of joint meetings, aiming to create innovation sparks to light up scientific research and resolve clinical problems through medical research. Professor Zhou Zhongjun (周中軍), Assistant Professor Gao Bo (高波), Associate Professor Song Youqiang (宋又强), Assistant Professor David Shih Jen-hao (施人豪), Assistant Professor Heidi Ling Guangsheng (寧珖聖), and Assistant Professor He Mu (何睦)shared their recent research findings with over 150 HKU-SZH research fellows and doctors. The guest speakers and participants probed into the research questions as well as the potential of corporation.



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