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My current research interests include mainly two areas: 1) HIV pathogenesis and 2) immunotherapy for curing HIV and cancer.  To understand HIV pathogenesis, I mainly focus on the early events of viral infection in mucosal associated lymph tissues, which may have critical implications for prevention and cure. In recent years, we found that human cytomegalovirus latent infection modulates HIV-1 restriction factors in CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (Blood Advances 2017).  HIV-induced gut-homing Vd2 T cells upregulate isoformic PD-1 (Δ42PD-1) expression, leading to TLR4-mediated inflammation and acute mucosal damage (Nature Microbiology 2017). Meantime, we found that HIV-infected gut-homing CD4 T cells upregulate CCR7 expression by TGF-b, implicating their lymph node homing and latency established in central memory T cells (Journal of Virology 2018).  Moreover, we recently found that blocking gut-homing CD4 T cells by a4b7-specific antibody is not sufficient to prevent HIV rebound after stopping antiretroviral treatment in humanized mice (AIDS 2019). These studies also establish platforms for evaluation of HIV immunotherapy. To investigate HIV immunotherapeutic cure, we have developed three HKU-patented technologies including PD1-based vaccine (JCI 2013, Cancer Res. 2014), tandem bi-specific antibody (JCI 2018) and anti-Δ42PD1 antibody drug (mAbs 2015). These publications have built a solid foundation for conducting our ongoing study on PD1 vaccine-based combination immunotherapy for a prolonged HIV control by potentiating host immunity.  It should be noted that we are also very interested in applying our knowledge for cancer immunotherapy (Gut 2018, Oncoimmunology 2019).  We, therefore, are fully committed to find solutions to end AIDS and cancer based on scientific discoveries..

selected Publication

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