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Research - Vascular Biology

Professor K Tan, Department of Medicine
Professor P Vanhoutte, Department of Pharmacology


Name of Member Membership
Anaesthesiology Prof KF  Ng Associate
Dr Zhengyuan  Xia Investigator
School of Biomedical Sciences  Prof Sookja K  Chung Investigator
Dr Man-Lung Fung Investigator
Prof Ronald A Li Associate
Prof Fai Tang Associate
Dr Nai-Sum Wong Investigator
Diagnostic Radiology Dr Henry  Mak Investigator
Medicine Prof Karen SL Lam Investigator & Director
Dr Michael PH Chan  Investigator 
Prof Bernard MY Cheung Investigator
Dr Tommy Cheung Investigator
Prof Mary  Ip Investigator
Dr  Joseph SK  Kwan Investigator
Prof CP  Lau Associate
Dr Gary  Lau Investigator
Dr Judith CW  Mak Investigator
Dr Temy  Mok Associate
Prof Kathryn  Tan Investigator & MC Member
Prof HF Tse Investigator & Deputy Director
Dr Angela  Wang Associate
Dr Chi-Ming  Wong Investigator
Prof Aimin   Xu Investigator
Dr KH  Yiu Investigator
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Prof Grace  Tang Investigator
Ophthalmology Dr Marcus  Marcet  Investigator
Dr Jennifer Shum Investigator
Dr Ian  Wong Investigator
Orthopaedics & Traumatology Dr WY Ip Investigator
Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Prof YF  Cheung Investigator
Pathology Prof Sidney Tam Associate
Pharmacology & Pharmacy Dr Ching-Lung Cheung Investigator
Dr George PH  Leung Investigator
Dr Susan WS  Leung Investigator
Prof Ricky YK Man Associate
Dr Eva  Tang Investigator
Dr  Connie Woo Investigator
Prof Paul  Vanhoutte Associate
Psychiatry Prof Eric  Chen Associate
School of Chinese Medicine Prof Jian-Gang  Shen Investigator
School of Public Health Prof Richard  Fielding Associate

Existing research projects

  • Receptor and postreceptor events that underlie the vascular actions of adiponectin

  • Adipo-vascular axis and inflammation in the pathogenesis of endothelial dysfunction

  • SirT1/AMP-activated protein kinase and vascular ageing.

  • The AGE pathway in diabetic atherosclerosis

  • Gender differences in the regulation of endothelium-dependent contracting factor

  • Genomic and proteomic basis of endothelial dysfunction in regenerated endothelium

  • Endothelial damage and atherosclerosis in obstructive sleep apnea

  • Renin-angiotensin system in the carotid body

  • Ocular angiogenesis – disease, mechanism and therapeutics

  • Neovascularization, neuronal dysfunction and oxidative stress in retinopathy of prematurity

Past meetings/ seminars held
July 7, 2005 Topic: The Janus face of the endothelium: EDCF
Member: Prof P Vanhoutte, Department of Pharmacology
Sept 9, 2005 Topic: Sex hormones and Cardioprotection against Ischemic Insults
Member: Prof TM Wong, Department of Physiology

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