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Research - Degeneration & Regeneration

Prof David SH Wong, Department of Ophthalmology
Dr RCC Chang, Department of Anatomy


Name of Member Membership
Anaesthesiology Professor Michael G  Irwin Investigator
Dr Chi-Wai  Cheung Investigator
Dr Clara   Poon Associate
Dr Gordon TC Wong Investigator
School of Biomedical Sciences  Professor Ying-Shing  Chan Investigator & Deputy Director
Dr Raymond CC  Chang  Investigator
Dr King-Ho Cheung Investigator
Professor Sookja K  Chung Investigator
Dr Man-Lung Fung Investigator
Dr Cora SW Lai Investigator
Dr  Kwok-On  Lai  Investigator
Dr  Chi Wai  Lee Investigator
Professor Ronald A Li Associate
Dr  Lee Wei  Lim Investigator
Dr Bin Lin Investigator
Dr Stephen YW Shiu Investigator
Professor Fai Tang Associate
Professor Wutian Wu Associate
Dr Henry KF    Yip  Investigator
Professor Daisy  Shum Associate
Dr You-qianq Song Associate
Dr Kwok-Ming  Yao Associate
Diagnostic Radiology Dr Henry  Mak Investigator
Medicine Professor Karen SL Lam Investigator & Director
Dr Koon Ho  Chan Investigator
Professor Bernard MY Cheung Investigator
Professor Raymond TF  Cheung Investigator
Professor Leung-Wing  Chu Associate
Dr Philip Ho Investigator
Professor SL  Ho Investigator 
Dr  Joseph SK  Kwan Investigator
Professor CP  Lau Associate
Dr Gary  Lau Investigator
Dr Judith CW  Mak Investigator
Dr  KM  Ng Investigator
Dr Angela  Wang Associate
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Karen KL  Chan Associate
Professor Grace  Tang Investigator
Ophthalmology Professor David  Wong Associate
Professor Jimmy  Lai Investigator 
Dr Catherine Chiu* Investigator
Dr Bonnie Choy Investigator
Dr Rita Gangwani Investigator
Dr Wico Lai Associate
Dr Qing Li Investigator 
Dr Qizhou   Lian Investigator
Dr Amy  Lo Investigator
Dr Marcus  Marcet  Investigator
Dr  Alex  Ng Investigator
Dr Kendrick  Shih Investigator
Dr Jennifer Shum Investigator
Professor KF  So Associate
Dr Ian  Wong Investigator
Orthopaedics & Traumatology Dr WY Ip Investigator
Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Professor LCK  Low Associate
Professor VCN  Wong Associate
Pathology Professor Sidney Tam Associate
Pharmacology & Pharmacy Dr  Connie Woo Investigator
Psychiatry Professor Eric  Chen Associate
Dr Wai Chi Chan Investigator
Dr KF  Chung Associate
Dr May Lam Associate
Dr Andrew CK  Law Investigator
School of Chinese Medicine Professor Jian-Gang  Shen Investigator
Professor Zhang-Jin  Zhang Investigator
School of Nursing Dr Angela  Leung investigator

Existing research projects

  • Plasma membrane cholesterol homeostasis and oxidative stress

  • Biochemical biomarkers, neuroimaging and linkage analysis in familial neurological syndromes

  • Autophagy & synaptic degeneration in β-amyloid peptide neurotoxicity and in Alzheimer’s disease

  • Telomerase in protecting retinal ganglion cells against axonal injury

  • Conditional knockout of osmotic responsive element binding protein

  • Determinants of developmental synaptic plasticity in the sense of balance

  • Critical period for topographic spatial representation in the brain
    Experience-dependent synaptic modification is necessary for motor learning

  • Neuroprotective agents from Western and Chinese medicine
    neuroprotection in retinal degenerative diseases – biology and therapeutics

  • Wound healing activities in proliferative vitreoretinopathy

  • Ocular bioengineering - cell-based  intraocular drug delivery

  • Biocompatibility of novel intraocular tamponades

  • Optic nerve damage in glaucoma

Meetings/ seminars held
Nov 10, 2004 Degeneration and Regeneration research theme group meeting
Feb 17, 2005 Degeneration and Regeneration research theme group meeting
Apr 14, 2005 Topic: Briefing on existing mouse lines
Member: Dr SK Chung, Department of Anatomy
June 28, 2005 Topic: Absence of unfolded protein responses in beta-amyloid peptide neurotoxicity
Member: Dr RCC Chang, Department of Anatomy
Topic: The usage of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to study oxidative stress through measurement of free radicals
Member: Prof PCW Fung, Department of Medicine
Sept 8, 2005 Topic: Genomic instability in laminopathy-based premature aging
Member: Dr Z Zhou, Department of Biochemistry
Feb 23, 2006 Topic: Roles of Telomerase and DNA-binding Protein Inhibitors Ids in the nervous system
Member: Dr HKF Yip, Department of Anatomy
Jun 14, 2006 Topic:
Emerging therapies in Parkinson's disease
Dr SL Ho, Department of Medicine
Sep 6, 2006
Endocrine disruption: a human health cost are we paying with plastic?
Invited speaker:
Dr DB Ramsden, University of Birmingham, UK

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