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Research - Applied research

In addition to the basic research projects undertaken by members of the Centre as listed in each of the research programmes, it is recognized that our research programmes will achieve major impact at the community level through the following applied research work in drug screening and discovery, cell therapy and the development of diagnostic kits and devices.

Screening for new drugs from Chinese herbal extracts
Disciplines Investigators Topics
Diabetes & Obesity Prof KSL Lam, Professor Aimin Xu (Medicine) Chinese Medicine as basis for discovery of new drugs (supported by an ITF grant to Prof KSL Lam & Dr A Xu)
Neurological Diseases Prof KF So, Dr RCC Chang (Anatomy) Glaucoma & Alzheimer's disease;
(3 patents pending)
Professor SL Ho (Medicine),
Prof YS Chan (Physiology)
Parkinson's disease
Professor RTF Cheung (Medicine),
Professor SK Chung (Anatomy)
Cardiovascular Diseases Dr GR Li, Prof CP Lau (Medicine) Arrhythmias
Professor BMY Cheung (Medicine) Hypertension
Stem Cell: therapy & drug screening
Disciplines Investigators Topics
Stem cell therapy Prof HF Tse, Dr RA Li,
Prof CP Lau (Medicine)
Treatment of coronary artery disease (Tse HF et al, Lancet 2003)
Human stem cells/differentiated cell-lines Prof RA Li, Prof HF Tse (Medicine) Drug screening for neural/cardiac degenerative diseases & diabetes
Medical Diagnostics and Devices Projects
Disciplines Investigators Topics
Medical Diagnostics Prof KSL Lam, Professor Aimin Xu (Medicine) Development of monoclonal antibodies, new ELISA and protein chips for screening/diagnosis of cardiovascular risk
Medical Devices for Diagnostics Prof HF Tse, Prof CP Lau
(in collaboration with Electrical & Electronic Engineering - Prof F Chan,  ITF grant 2003)
Implantable device for cardiac rhythm monitoring
Prof HF Tse, Prof M Ip, Prof CP Lau (Medicine)
(in collaboration with Mechanical Engineering Department- Dr WK Tsui)
Monitoring device for respiratory and sleep disorder
Prof CP Lau, Prof HF Tse (Medicine)
(in collaboration with Mechanical Engineering Department- Prof ATY Chwang; ITF 2002)
Arterial pulse monitoring device for cardiovascular disease
Prof CP Lau, Prof HF Tse (Medicine) 3D reconstruction of coronary artery stenosis using intravascular ultrasound and CT scan

Provisional US patents:

  1. Method for decreasing blood glucose and improving glucose tolerance using angiopoietin-like protein-4;
  2. Methods using Lycium barbarum extracts as neuroprotective agents for retinal ganglion cell degeneration;
  3. Polysaccharide extract from Lycium barbarum as neuroprotective agent against beta-amyloid peptide neurotoxicity;
  4. Novel applications of photosensitive complexes for therapeutic purposes;
  5. Photochemically crosslinked collagen scaffolds and methods for their preparation;
  6. Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Movement or Leakage of a Body Substance and Promoting Tissue Repair;
  7. Methods of Treating Conditions Involving Neuronal Degeneration
  8. The use of isoastragaloside 1, astragalosides II & IV, and their derivatives for induction of adiponectin production and treatment of obesity-related metabolic disorders
  9. Novel genetic approaches to reduce or inhibit tumorgenicity of human embryonic stem cells and derivatives following transplantation

Funding sources for research

Since the establishment of the Centre in 2004, over $144 million has been attained from various funding sources as follows:

  • URC
  • UDF
  • Innovation and Technology Fund
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine Limited
  • Sun Chieh Yeh Heart Foundation
  • SK Yee Foundation Grant
  • Germany / Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme
  • Procore – France / Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme
  • Croucher Foundation

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