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Research Programmes (please click name for detail)


Dr. Zhiwei Chen

1) AIDS Vaccine and Pathogenesis
2) Drug Discovery and New Vaccine Design
3) HIV Epidemic in Hong Kong and Mainland China



Dr. Kin-Hang Kok

1)Host-pathogen interaction, specifically the host antiviral responses

2) Molecular mechanism of host defense signaling pathway.


Dr. Li Liu

1) Host factors involved in AIDS and SARS disease progression

2) Vaccine design and innate immune response in shaping potent T cell immunity

3) Understanding HIV latency and drug discovery



Dr. Allen Cheung

1) Studying the interplay between CMV and HIV-1 in latent infection
2) Characterising the immune functional aspect of a PD-1 isoform
3) Identifying the receptor/ligand of a PD-1 isoform



Dr. Ka Wai Cheung

1) Mechanisms involved in the CD4 T cell depletion during HIV-1 infection
2) Mechanisms involved in HIV-1 latency reactivation
3) Establishment of a rapid, high throughput and cost effective drug resistance screening platform



Dr. Tan Zhiwu


1) Tumor immunology and immunotherapy



Dr. Yu Zhe


1) Explore the mechanism of immunogenic cell death (ICD) elicited during the immunotherapy process of malignant tumors.