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    The AIDS Institute has been established since 2007. It was jointly funded by The University of Hong Kong and its LKS Faculty of Medicine. HIV/AIDS is one of China’s major strategic research directions.


    Scientists at the AIDS Institute are committed to making scientific discoveries and providing solutions to end the AIDS pandemic.


HIV Manual 3rd Edition (2013)

Dr. Zhiwei Chen was invited to contribute one chapter, titled “HIV virology and immunology”, to the HIV Manual for medical practitioners and students in Hong Kong. The HIV Manual (HIV Manual 3rd edition) will be able to view via below channels:

1. Web version is now housed in the Manual's new homepage at

2. Two Apps versions have been created. The Android one can be accessed through Google Play. This is the URL . You can also find the QR code on the Manual's main page. The iPhone version can be found in iTune Store.

3. Print versions are prepared by the Department of Health.

4. Virtual Link to an interactive table on all antiretrovirals. This tool has been developed separately. This is available from and is also linked to the Manual.

5. A facebook page would also be created, which would facilitate the collection of comments, or picking up errors and advice to improve the Manual in the coming years. The content development, web and Apps are funded by Council for the AIDS Trust Fund, while the hard copy is supported by Department of Health. These would be available free to users, which hopefully include health workers and students.




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