FEATURE + With a generous donation from Mrs May Tam, the Tam Wing Fan Neuroimaging Research Laboratory was established and equipped with one of the most advanced 3T clinical scanners in the market. It utilises state-of-the-art AI-powered image reconstruction technology to enhance MR scans, reducing the scan time for brain imaging, for example, by 50 to 70 per cent. Its advanced raw data noise reduction function, increases the signal-to-noise ratio of MR images which therefore exhibit higher quality with improved resolution and sharpness, in addition to a shorter scan time. This powerful AI tool also helps minimise distortion in echoplanar imaging (EPI), further enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the scans. As a result, not only is the scanning process accelerated, workflow efficiency is also improved, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience. 承蒙譚麥美燕女士慷慨捐貲,設於譚榮芬腦神經影像 研究實驗室的3T磁力共振掃描器為市面上最先進的磁力共 振掃描器之一。掃描器以尖端AI驅動影像重建技術,提升 磁力共振影像質素,可縮短腦部掃描時間達50-70%。掃 描器的去除雜訊功能可提升磁力共振影像的訊號雜訊比率 和解析度,使影像更清晰,同時縮短掃描所需時間。AI技 術亦有助減低平面迴訊成像的失真,讓掃瞄更準確、可靠。 此先進設備讓掃描過程得以更快完成、提升效率,從而為 患者提供更佳的體驗。 AIMed is a digital health laboratory founded by surgeons, scientists, and engineers from Queen Mary Hospital, HKU, University of Cambridge and Silicon Valley which is committed to investigating cuttingedge AI technologies for clinical applications. The team developed AlignProCARE, a mobile application that provides web-based support to help doctors perform AI-powered auto-alignment analysis on desktop computers or laptops, with fast and consistent coronal and sagittal alignment on radiographs, and predict spine deformity and severity, and type using nude back images. AIMed數碼健康實驗室由瑪麗醫院、港大、英國 劍橋大學和美國矽谷的外科醫生、科學家和工程師共同創 立,致力研究尖端AI 技術的臨床應用。團隊開發的 AlignProCARE流動應用程式能協助醫生透過電腦或筆記型 電腦進行脊柱側彎網上自動分析。患者只需上傳裸背照片, AI即可快速完成脊柱畸形線上評估,預測脊柱變形、嚴重 程度和類型。 3T MRI Scanner 3T 磁力共振掃瞄儀器 AI-assisted Scoliosis Screening and Out-of-hospital Management AI輔助脊柱側彎篩查評估及患者院外管理 42