In collaboration with the Sport AI Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of HKU and The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, HKU Stroke team developed SmartRehab, a mobile platform that uses AI technologies to facilitate stroke rehabilitation in the home setting. The multidisciplinary team comprising neurologists, engineers, translational neuroscientists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists received support from the World Stroke Organization (WSO) to test the platform’s feasibility in seven regions beyond Hong Kong to improve accessibility to post-stroke rehabilitation, especially in low- and middle-income countries. SmartRehab encompasses gross movement exercises for stroke patients to improve upper limb function, weight shifts and balance. Using a computer vision-based pose-estimation algorithm, SmartRehab enables the medical team to evaluate patients’ movement and provide immediate feedback. Therapists can also assess the stroke patient and prescribe exercises tailored to the needs of each patient, and remotely monitor the patient’s functional and motor performance, progress and compliance. 臨床醫學學院內科學系中風研究組HKU Stroke聯同 港大電機電子工程系運動人工智能實驗室及香港復康會共 同研發SmartRehab智能復康流動應用程式,協助中風患 者在家中進行復康訓練。SmartRehab的開發團隊包括神 經科醫生、工程師、轉化神經科學家、物理治療師和職業 治療師。團隊最近獲得世界中風組織(WSO)支持,在本 港以外七個地區,尤其是在低收入和中等收入國家測試 SmartRehab平台的可行性,推動無障礙中風復康服務。 SmartRehab平台內置大肌肉運動練習,專為改善中 風患者的上肢活動能力、重心轉移能力和平衡力而設。運 用基於電腦視覺的姿勢演算法,SmartRehab評估動作是 否符合標準並作出即時反饋。治療師亦可在平台為患者度 身訂造的復康練習運動,並通過遠程監察患者的表現、進 展及運動姿勢。 In the midst of the fast-changing social and professional landscape, HKUMed remains forwardthinking with the aim of leading healthcare advances through technology. By equipping students and clinicians with cutting-edge tools and applying innovations such as AI, big data, and robotics across education, research, and clinical services, the Faculty strives to cultivate expertise and knowledge to address complex health issues. Looking ahead, HKUMed will continue to explore emerging technologies to further transform medical training and improve health outcomes. Its pioneering efforts in the advances mentioned above lay the foundation for a smarter, more responsive, and accessible healthcare system of the future. 社會及專業發展日新月異,學院時刻保持前瞻視野, 引領醫療創新。透過靈活運用AI、大數據和機械人等創 新科技於教育、研究及臨床服務不同層面,學院積極裝備 師生,並培養專業能力和知識,以應對醫療發展的需要。 展望將來,學院將持續發展嶄新科技,在上述教育及醫療 創新的基礎上,進一步革新專業培訓,建立更高智能、 敏銳及普及的醫療系統,以改善大眾健康。 AI-powered SmartRehab Mobile Application SmartRehab智能復康流動應用程式 43 HKUMed News Winter 2023