HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Transfer from MRes[Med] Enter PhD before MBBS Year 4 0M `V\ \UKLY[HRL [OL PU[LYJHSH[LK 4HZ[LY VM 9LZLHYJO PU 4LKPJPUL 49LZB4LKD K\YPUN `V\Y ,UYPJOTLU[ @LHY `V\ JHU HWWS` [V [YHUZMLY `V\Y JHUKPKH[\YL [V [OL 4)): 7O+ WYVNYHTTL UV SH[LY [OHU [OL [O TVU[O VM [OL 49LZB4LKD ;OL [PTL `V\ ZWLU[ VU 49LZB4LKD ^V\SK be counted towards the probationary period for your PhD study. After submitting your thesis in the last year of PhD study, you would [OLU YL LU[LY [OL 4)): WYVNYHTTL PU @LHY HUK JVTWSL[L [OL YLTHPUPUN `LHYZ \W [V @LHY 0U H U\[ZOLSS [OPZ WH[O^H` PU]VS]LZ [^V `LHYZ VM 4)): VUL `LHY VM 49LZB4LKD [OYLL `LHYZ VM 7O+ HUK [OYLL TVYL `LHYZ VM 4)): LUHISPUN `V\ [V LHYU [OL [^V KLNYLLZ PU nine years. Enter PhD before MBBS Final Year Another pathway is to complete five years of MBBS, followed by three or four years of PhD, then the final year of MBBS. To be qualified MVY [OPZ YV\[L `V\ ^V\SK ULLK [V OH]L! NVVK YLZ\S[Z PU [OL 4)): 0 0= :\TTH[P]L ,_HTPUH[PVUZ HUK H )HJOLSVY»Z KLNYLL ^P[O Z[ JSHZZ OVUV\YZ VY H )HJOLSVY»Z KLNYLL ^P[O OVUV\YZ WS\Z H [H\NO[ 4HZ[LY»Z KLNYLL L N 4:J WYPVY [V HKTPZZPVU [V 4)): MVY `LHY 7O+" VY H YLZLHYJO 4HZ[LY»Z KLNYLL 47OPS H^HYKLK WYPVY [V HKTPZZPVU [V 4)): MVY `LHY 7O+ (M[LY Z\ITP[[PUN `V\Y 7O+ [OLZPZ `V\ ^V\SK YL LU[LY [OL 4)): WYVNYHTTL HUK JVTWSL[L [OL MPUHS `LHY ;OL LU[PYL Z[\K` WLYPVK MVY [OL [^V KLNYLLZ ^V\SK IL UPUL VY [LU `LHYZ There are two pathways through which you can pursue the MBBS/PhD programme: MBBS I - II 1 Year 3 Years 3 Years Enrichment Year MRes[Med] PhD MBBS IV - VI Total: 9 years 2 Years Deadline for Application Application for MBBS/PhD admissions should be made before 30th April every year. Please refer to the Graduate School website for details. MBBS I - V 3-4 Years 1 Year PhD MBBS VI Total: 9 or 10 years Including Enrichment Year 5 Years 19