HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Pave Your Path Your MBBS is a registrable primary qualification that enables you to apply for registration with the Medical Council of Hong Kong to practise medicine in the region. To obtain full registration, graduates are required to successfully complete a ^LLR ,UOHUJLK 7YL PU[LYUZOPW )SVJR MVSSV^LK I` H `LHY internship in an accredited hospital. The internship will take you through selected rotations in different specialties and will require you to practise clinically under the supervision of experienced doctors. Completion of this basic training will open [OL KVVY [V H T\S[P[\KL VM JHYLLY VW[PVUZ ̷ 0M `V\ ^HU[ [V ILJVTL H :WLJPHSPZ[ `V\ HYL [OLU YLX\PYLK to undergo more years of postgraduate training and further examinations. Postgraduate and specialist training is administered through the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and its JVUZ[P[\LU[ JVSSLNLZ ̷ HKUMed graduates are a heterogeneous group of doctors, THU` VM ^OVT HYL UV^ PU SLHKPUN WVZP[PVUZ̷PU H ]HYPL[` VM MPLSKZ not just medicine. Some serve the community as frontline doctors in the public and private sectors, while others have W\YZ\LK ̷HJHKLTPJ JHYLLYZ PU /VUN 2VUN VY V]LYZLHZ contributing to the development of the next generations of doctors and advancing treatments. Many of our graduates have ILJVTL ^VYSK YLUV^ULK JSPUPJHS L_WLY[Z HUK̷ZJPLU[PZ[Z :VTL have become health administrators involved in policy making HUK OLHS[OJHYL WSHUUPUN̷MVY V\Y JVTT\UP[` V[OLYZ OH]L THKL [OLPY THYR PU UVU TLKPJHS JHYLLYZ Z\JO HZ SH^ I\ZPULZZ VY pharmaceutical development. Whatever path you wish to take, /2<4LK PZ OLYL [V THRL `V\Y KYLHTZ JVTL [Y\L ̷ -VY TVYL PUMVYTH[PVU on admissions 20