HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Comprehensive Hospital-based, Community-based and Primary Care Experience (SVUNZPKL SLHYUPUN [OH[ [HRLZ WSHJL ^P[OPU OVZWP[HSZ `V\ ^PSS NHPU MPYZ[ OHUK L_WLYPLUJL PU H ^PKL ]HYPL[` VM JVTT\UP[` IHZLK ZL[[PUNZ PU]VS]PUN MHTPS` WO`ZPJPHUZ TH[LYUHS HUK JOPSK OLHS[O ZLY]PJLZ hospices and patient support groups. This exposure to different arenas of the public health system enables development of a holistic perspective on patient management and a richer understanding of the integration between primary and secondary care. Enrichment Opportunities Our programme goes well beyond vocational training. Your third year of study, which we call the Enrichment Year, offers a golden opportunity to explore areas of interest in either medical or UVU TLKPJHS MPLSKZ HUK KLZPNU `V\Y V^U SLHYUPUN WYVNYHTTL PU /VUN 2VUN VY HIYVHK :PTPSHYS` HM[LY [OL -V\Y[O :\TTH[P]L (ZZLZZTLU[ [OL ^LLR 4)): ,SLJ[P]L SL[Z `V\ L_WSVYL H TLKPJHS HYLH VM `V\Y JOVPJL 0U [HUKLT ^P[O ZOHYWLUPUN `V\Y JSPUPJHS RUV^ OV^ ^L J\YH[L [OL TPUKZL[ VM H JVTWL[LU[ KVJ[VY [OYV\NO JVSSHIVYH[PVU ZLSM PUP[PH[LK SLHYUPUN HUK IVSK ^PSSPUNULZZ [V [LZ[ [OLVYPLZ ]PH WYVISLT IHZLK SLHYUPUN 6