HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Practising Scientific Research HKUMed is at the frontier of global medical research, driven by a strong commitment to improving human health through scientific discovery and advancement in medicine. Research requires and enables you to develop intellectual and analytical skills for a vast array of situations. As a medical student, you will have opportunities to participate in research training that leads to output in scientific journals and significant societal impact. @V\Y YLZLHYJO JHU IL JSPUPJ IHZLK VY SHIVYH[VY` IHZLK HUK P[ JHU LP[OLY IL WHY[ VM H WYVQLJ[ ^P[O -HJ\S[` Z[HMM TLTILYZ VY ZLSM PUP[PH[LK \UKLY [OL Z\WLY]PZPVU VM H [LHJOLY K\YPUN [OL Enrichment Year/MBBS Elective. Focus on Medical Ethics and Humanities Ethical principles and humanitarian values are absolutely essential for doctors to meet the needs and demands of 21st century healthcare. You will learn how these principles and values underpin healthcare practice, as well as your professional and legal obligations, through the medical ethics and medical humanities programmes. They are developed and JVVYKPUH[LK I` V\Y 4LKPJHS ,[OPJZ HUK /\THUP[PLZ <UP[ 4,/< with the aim of cultivating professional doctors capable of engaging with their patients from a position of awareness of their own humanity. Inter-professional Learning 0[ PZ JYP[PJHS MVY Z[\KLU[Z [V SLHYU OV^ [V ^VYR LMMLJ[P]LS` PU HU PU[LY WYVMLZZPVUHS [LHT MVY [OL KLSP]LY` VM TVKLYU OLHS[OJHYL /2<4LK OHZ [HRLU [OL SLHK PU KLSP]LYPUN PU[LY WYVMLZZPVUHS educational experiences where medical, nursing and pharmacy students learn how to communicate, interact and work with one HUV[OLY -VY Z[\KLU[Z ^P[O KLTVUZ[YH[LK HJHKLTPJ WV[LU[PHS HUK PU[LYLZ[ PU KL]LSVWPUN PU[LY WYVMLZZPVUHS JVTWL[LUJL ^L offer the opportunity to enrol in intercalated programmes such as the Master of Public Health programme, with scholarships and other forms of financial support. Student in Medical Education The MBBS 140 Curriculum also features the engagement of :[\KLU[ PU 4LKPJHS ,K\JH[PVU :04, MVZ[LYPUN H J\S[\YL ^OLYL teaching is an important and integral component of professional responsibility and competence. Teaching is an important role expected from all MBBS graduates in the healthcare profession. Peer teaching skills of medical students are cultivated to prepare for their future career as trainers, supervisors, or educators. 7