The Dean's Letter by Professor Chak-sing Lau | November 2022

National • The following Faculty members were awarded the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macau) in August 2022: – Dr Huang Yuanhua (Biomedical Sciences) – Dr Eric Wan Yuk-fai (Family Medicine and Primary Care, SClinMed, & Pharmacology and Pharmacy) – Dr Wang Weiping (Pharmacology and Pharmacy) • Professor Kenneth Cheung Man-chee (Orthopaedics and Traumatology, SClinMed) was appointed as the Hospital Chief Executive of The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital (2022 – 2027). • Professor Guan Yi (Public Health) was appointed as the first Chief of the Shanghai Virus Research Institution in 2022. • Professor Ivan Hung Fan-ngai and Professor Yiu Kai-hang (Medicine, SClinMed) were conferred as Chief Physicians in Guangdong Province by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality. • Professor Spring Kong Feng-ming (Clinical Oncology, SClinMed) was appointed as Chairperson for Oncology Guideline Task in China by STAR Working Group in August 2022. • Professor Shen Jiangang (Chinese Medicine) was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Chinese Medicine Working Committee in General Hospital, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), in September 2022. • Professor Yiu Kai-hang (Medicine, SClinMed) received the following recognitions: – Received the Oriental Rising Star Award at the 16th Oriental Congress of Cardiology from the Shanghai Medical Association and Shanghai Society of Cardiology in 2022. – Appointed as Chairman of the Coronary Heart Disease Precision Treatment and Cardiac Rehabilitation Professional Committee, the Guangdong Elder Health Care Association in 2022. – Appointed as Member of the Academic Advisory Panel of the Youth Academic Committee, China Cardiovascular Health Alliance, in 2022. – Appointed as Member of the Clinical Research Group, Cardiovascular Society, Guangdong Medical Association, in 2022. – Appointed as Advisory Panel Member of the Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases of the Cardiovascular Disease Quality Initiative (CDQI) National Standardized Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases in 2022. – Appointed as Member of the Cardiovascular Branch of the Chinese Geriatrics Society in 2021. 21 THE DEAN’S LETTER