Our research team has filed and assembled a portfolio of patented technologies 1-5* to advance the translation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in patients with blinding eye diseases. Our inventions have been licensed to multinational medical industries for clinical application. With the support from the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities, we have spun o� startup companies to translate research innovations in clinical care. Our academic sta� have been consultant to regional and global medical device and pharmaceutical companies to advise on clinical trial design and drug development. 我們的研究團隊申請及匯集了一系列專利技術 1-5*,以優化和革新對患有致盲眼疾病人的診斷和 治療策略。我們發明的技術已授權予跨國醫療公 司作臨床應用。我們得到創新科技署-大學科技初 創企業資助計劃的支持,成立初創公司,將研究 創新轉化為臨床應用。我們的學術人員更擔任區 域以至全球性的醫療設備和藥物研發公司的顧 問,就臨床試驗設計和藥物開發提供建議。 2. Research Impact 研究影響 *Patented Technologies 1. Optical Texture Analysis of the Inner Retina (US20190110681). 2. Visual Disability Detection System Using Virtual Reality (US20170273552A1). 3. Induction of chronic elevation of intraocular pressure with vinysulfonated hyaluronic acid (HA-VS) and thiolated hyaluronic acid (HA-SH) hydrogel (U.S. Patent No. 9895394B2). 4. Detection of disease-related retinal nerve fiber layer thinning (U.S. Patent No. US9117121B2). 5. Machine Learning-Based Method and System for Estimating Visual Field Sensitivities from Inner Retina Optical Texture Analysis Map (U.S. Application No. 63213469). Retinal nerve fiber layer optical texture analysis - ROTA (US20190110681) 15 HKU Eye Center Inaugural Report The University of Hong Kong