• The University of Hong Kong is one of the five Advanced Nerve Glaucoma Imaging Network (ANGI Network) Steerco member institutions, connecting Stanford University (USA), New York University (USA), University College London (UK), Moorfields Eye Hospital (UK), and Asan Medical Center (South Korea) to advance optical coherence tomography glaucoma diagnostics on an international scale. • In partnership with Arctic Vision, an ophthalmic biotech based in Shanghai China focusing on breakthrough ocular therapies, we are developing a microRNA-based ocular gene therapy for neuroprotection in patients with glaucoma – the leading cause of irreversible blindness. • Myopia is a global epidemic. In collaboration with Heidelberg Engineering, an optical coherence tomography developer in Germany, HKU - a member of the Glaucoma/Myopia OCT Phenotyping Consortium - connects 13 clinical centers in six countries (USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, China) to unravel the structural abnormalities in myopic eyes and myopic glaucoma. • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is escalating with the silver tsunami. We are working with multiple pharmaceutical industries to undertake multi-center clinical trials to advance novel therapies to improve vision in patients with AMD and other retinal vascular disorders. • Supported by Santen, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, we are leading a multicenter study in Asia to determine risk factors leading to disease deterioration in glaucoma and identify therapeutic targets to avert glaucoma blindness. • 香港大學是五個高級神經青光眼成像網絡 (ANGI Network)SteerCo成員機構之一,連繫 史丹福大學(美國)、紐約大學(美國)、倫敦大 學學院(英國)、 摩菲眼科醫院(英國)和首爾峨 山病院(南韓),在全球推動以光學相干斷層掃 描技術診斷青光眼。 • 我們正與一間位於中國上海的眼科生物技術公 司- Arctic Vision合作,開發一種基於microRNA的眼部基因療法,用於保護青光眼患者的 視覺神經。 • 近視是全球流行的眼科疾病。與德國光學相干 斷層掃描開發商Heidelberg Engineering合作, 香港大學是青光眼/近視光學相干斷層掃描表型 分析聯盟的成員,連接六個國家(美國、加拿大、 德國、日本、韓國、中國)共13個診斷近視和近 視青光眼的結構異常光學相干斷層掃描臨床中 心,進行近視和青光眼研究。 • 老年黃斑部病變(AMD)正隨著高齡海嘯而升級。 我們正與多個製藥商合作,開展多中心臨床試 驗,推動新療法,以改善老年黃斑部病變和視 網膜血管疾病患者的視力。 • 在日本製藥公司Santen的支持下,我們正於亞 洲領導一項多中心研究,以確定導致青光眼疾 病惡化的風險因素,並確定治療目標以防止因 青光眼而導致失明。 3. International Collaboration and Industry Partnership for R&D in Vision Research 國際合作學術網絡 16 Research at HKU Ophthalmology 香港大學眼科學系——研究成果