Life At HKUMed

Campus Life

Our students have an extensive range of interests and are keen to join various extra-curricular activities, whether in the creative arts, music, writing or sports, to name a few.

Students’ Union

All undergraduates automatically become members of The Hong Kong University Students’ Union. Through the Students’ Union, students may join clubs and societies for a large range of academic, cultural, religious, social and sporting activities.

Student Associations

Each undergraduate programme has a student association under the Medical Society to advocate for student welfare and facilitate communication between students and the Faculty. These include:

• Medical Society, HKUSU
• Nursing Society, Medical Society, HKUSU
• Chinese Medicine Society, Medical Society, HKUSU
• Pharmacy Society, Medical Society, HKUSU
• Biomedical Sciences Society, Medical Society, HKUSU

Town Hall Fora

Students enjoy relaxing afternoons with the Dean and the decanal team to exchange ideas on teaching and learning, student welfare, curriculum structure, and the wider development of the Faculty.

Cultivating Humanity: Serving the Community

The Faculty encourages students to reach out to the community. This is essential for the wider development of medical professionals who need to serve society with a deep understanding of humanity. Many students and student groups have initiated or joined service projects to help people in the local community and developing countries.

Health Advocacy Projects

Every year, MBBS students lead Health Advocacy Projects to raise public awareness of various health issues. Exhibitions, games and free medical services are some of the creative means used to engage the public. In the last year, students have drawn public attention to antimicrobial resistance in the “Say No to Wrong Usage of Antibiotics” campaign.

Health Exhibition Committee

The Health Exhibition Organising Committee of the Medical Society was established in 1987 to organise annual health exhibitions. Each year a different health theme is chosen, providing a platform for students and medical professionals to interact with the public and share their professional knowledge and experience.

Student Wellness

Student well-being is one of the Faculty’s top priorities. The Student Wellness Team comprises Psychiatrists, a Clinical Psychologist, and counsellors who are available on the Medical Campus to provide convenient, confidential and free clinical services. These include individual counseling, consultation, crisis intervention, diagnostic assessment, group therapy, psychoeducational programmes, and brief psychotherapy. The Team also strives to help students to thrive in the academic environment, through outreach activities and workshops designed to raise mental health awareness and to strengthen resilience.

To find out more about about student support services and student wellness at HKUMed visit:

Student Facilities


Students may apply to stay in one of the residential halls which are situated either on the main campus, on Pokfulam Road, Lung Wah Street or Sassoon Road. These halls and residential colleges vary in style and character. Most of the study-bedrooms are shared by two students but there are also single rooms. Under Faculty’s management, The Madam S H Ho Residence for Medical Students (RMS) accommodates 163 students in single rooms and Patrick Manson Student Residence (PMR) accommodates 124 students in shared bedrooms. Medical students undergoing clinical training at Queen Mary Hospital in senior years are required to stay at RMS or PMR during specific specialty clerkships. These residences allow more medical and nursing students to stay in the vicinity of QMH when they are undergoing clinical training.


The University has two Sports Centres and two swimming pools off ering a full range of physical recreation services. The Sports Centre on Pokfulam Road is equipped with a 25-meter swimming pool, large sports halls, squash courts, flood-lit tennis courts, special rooms for table tennis, martial arts, dance, gymnastics, fitness and weight- training, as well as facilities for archery and fencing. The other Sports Centre, located at Sandy Bay and just a short distance away from the Medical Faculty, is outfitted with playing fields, an athletic track, tennis courts, and Olympic-size swimming pool.

University Health Service

The University Health Service provides high quality primary care medical consultations on campus. Preventive and expensive items are charged at cost. It also provides physiotherapy and a comprehensive dental service at nominal charges. Health education and health promotion activities in the form of individual advice, classes, workshops, exhibitions, web information, posters and pamphlets are organised throughout the year.

Another feature of our curricula concerns inter-professional education, bringing together students from different disciplines within HKUMed, as well as those from other local universities, to work together. This prepares students from a very early stage for the reality in the wards and the community whereby doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc work in teams to achieve the best outcomes for patients.