About the Moderator

Professor Danny Chan (陳振勝教授)

Danny Chan is a professor and Director of the School of Biomedical Science at the University of Hong Kong, and Assistant Dean for research and research postgraduate studies at HKUMed. He graduated from the University of Melbourne, with BSc(Hons), MSc and PhD.

His research interest is in skeletal biology, focusing on development, growth, and degenerative processes of the skeleton. He has a particular interest in rare diseases. His research has contributed to key understandings in cartilage/bone development and growth, in health and disease. The emphasis is on genes regulating the linear growth of long bones, the formation of a synovial joint, and the intervertebral disc of the spine. The approach is to identify novel disease genes and to model the disease in mice to define the precise molecular and developmental changes. He leverages on the scientific discoveries to formulate therapeutic strategies in stem cell and regenerative medicine.

He is passionate in community outreach, supporting patients with rare diseases. He and his research team helped to initiate “The Little People of Hong Kong” Foundation in Hong Kong, an NGO for the patient groups, and to increase the community’s awareness of their needs. He is also a council member of Rare Disease Hong Kong (RDHK), advocating for the needs of all rare disease patients in our society.


LKS Faculty of Medicine,

The University of Hong Kong

Tel. (852) 39179305

Email. medkefa@hku.hk