HKU Health System
Clinical Professionals

Dr Fung, Siu Kay Nicholas

Title at the University of Hong Kong | Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, School of Clinical Medicine

Qualifications MB ChB (CUHK), MRCOphth, FHKAM (Ophthalmology)

Gender | Male

Language(s)/dialect(s) spoken | Cantonese, English

Specialty | Ophthalmology

Telephone | (852) 2518-1430

Email |

Medical services, procedures and operations provided | Epiretinal membrane peeling, Retinal detachment operations, Scleral buckling or encircling of retina detachment, Combined cataract extraction and trabeculectomy with / without adjunctive Chemotherapy, Intraocular lens exchange, Intravitreal injection of medications, Phacoemulsification, Pterygium excision with or without autograft, Upper lid blepharoplasty, Repair of retinal tear by laser

Affiliated hospitals/ clinics | HKU Eye Centre, Queen Mary Hospital, HKU-SZ Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, Grantham Hospital

*The figures are for reference only and the actual consultation fee may vary depending on the nature and complexity of each case. Also, it excludes fees for other procedures, medications, and laboratory services etc.


Consultation Hours

Wednesday 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Outpatient consultation fees

$790 to $1,850 (HKD) *