1st Croucher Summer Course on Advanced Imaging

DATE: AUGUST 2-8, 2015
for Research Postgraduate Students (MPhil and PhD) & Postdoctoral fellows
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The ability to assess and interrogate biological processes at the level of the single cell and the single molecule is revealing a new complexity in which phenotypic cell-to-cell variability emerges as a result of highly deterministic processes. In single cell and single molecule approaches, imaging offers the unique advantage of observing these biological circuits function over time in intact cells, as well as the exciting possibility of quantitatively understanding the deterministic processes contributing to phenotypic cellular variability.

The series of Croucher Summer Courses is intended to provide a conceptual and hands-on training in high-resolution microscopy at the single cell and single molecule level, which is greatly expanding the scope of investigations thanks to the ability to probe into subcellular processes in live cells. In this course we propose to bring together scientific leaders in the integration of imaging tools with conventional and next generation „omic‰ tools that enable the analysis of biological circuits at the single molecule and single cell level. It will include exposure to „omics‰ technologies and high throughput techniques, as well as to cutting edge light microscopy techniques, especially as they can be applied to cell biology. Importantly, it will highlight the power of single-molecule and single-cell approaches combined with quantitative analysis and light microscopy methods.

This course will be aimed at advanced postgraduate students (MPhil and PhD) and post-docs who have already started or are planning to use new and emerging techniques around single cell & single molecule analysis in their ongoing research projects. Participants will be exposed to practical workshops illustrating how imaging contributes to seminal advances in single cell and single molecule cell biology are highly inter-related. A participant should leave the course with a good grasp of how single cell and single molecule biology can be investigated using imaging and integrating omic & high throughput techniques.

Candidates are invited to download course application form.
Please return completed form, including two letters of recommendation to hku-pasteur@hku.hk.
Accommodation (on sharing twin basis) and food (canteen-style) will be provided.
Registration Fee: 1,500HKD

Anne LI at +852 2831 5516 or hku-pasteur@hku.hk.