205 Congregation

• The following Faculty members have been granted a total of HK$61.02M from the RGC One-off Collaborative Research Fund COVID-19 and Novel Infectious Diseases Research Exercises (2020-2021): – Professor Chen Zhiwei (Microbiology) Project: Mechanism of immune control against COVID-19 (HK$8.63M) – Professor Benjamin John Cowling (Public Health) Project: Superspreading of COVID-19: Epidemiology and control (HK$8.98M) – Dr Patrick Ip (Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine) Project: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Hong Kong children and support to families during crisis (HK$6.93M) – Professor Jin Dong-yan (Biomedical Sciences) Project: Mechanism of inflammasome activation by SARS-CoV-2 (HK$8.43M) – Dr Lam Tsan-yuk (Public Health) Project: Role of pangolins in the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses in humans (HK$5.79M) – Professor Leo Poon Lit-man (Public Health) Project: Replication-defective SARS-CoV-2 mutant vaccines with abnormal codon usages (HK$6.98M) – Professor Paul Tam Kwong-hang (Surgery) Project: Comparison of paediatric and adult responses to coronavirus infection - a molecular, cellular and tissue study (HK$5.59M) – Professor Ian Wong Chi-kei (Pharmacology and Pharmacy) Project: A multinational big data COVID-19 epidemiological study on post-infection outcomes (ACESO) (HK$9.69M) • Two Faculty members were awarded a total of HK$36.34M by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust: – Professor Doris Yu Sau-fung (Nursing) Project: Jockey Club Pathway to Healthy Aging: A capacity building project to increase the preparedness of the society for the WHO Decade of Healthy Aging (HK$13.97M) – Professor Eric Chen Yu-hai (Psychiatry) Project: Jockey Club Mental Wellness Project for Women Phase II (HK$22.37M) • The following Faculty members have been granted a total of HK$13.57M from the RGC Research Impact Fund (2020-2021): – Dr Stephanie Ma Kwai-yee (Biomedical Sciences) Project: Development and applications of a driver-dependent tumor organoid biobank for translational liver cancer research (HK$4.1M) – Dr Parco Siu Ming-fai (Public Health) Project: Combating physical inactivity pandemic by promoting physical fitness education and physical activity-embedded curriculum in kindergartens (HK$9.47M) • Professor Anne Lee Wing-mui, Dr Victor Lee Ho-fun (Clinical Oncology), Professor Ian Wong Chi-kei and Dr Cheung Ching-lung (Pharmacology and Pharmacy) have been granted HK$50.01M under the Partnership Research Programme of the Information Technology Commission for the project ‘Precision oncology programme for non-small-cell-lung cancer’. 19 The 205th Congregation