HKUMed News (Vol 26 | Issue 2)

would serve patients better. We introduced so many innovations here but there is no industrial platform to convert them into application. This is a goal I have been working towards since returning to Hong Kong three decades ago, and I hope in this new setting Shenzhen's industrial advantages will finally make this come true.’ A New Generation at the Helm Dr Jason Cheung Pui-yin, 39, who has just taken over as Head of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, admits that it took some careful consideration before taking up the mantle, but he is confident that he fits the bill. ‘This important charge no doubt comes with a lot of weight, especially with the complexities of the current situation in Hong Kong and the continuing epidemic, but I believe myself to be a veteran in the department. I am confident in my capabilities and won’t hesitate to take over the helm when needed.’ Along with additional lofty aspirations, Dr Cheung will continue to put teaching first and foremost. He hopes to further enrich exchange and training opportunities to engage more students in joining orthopaedics. However, manpower is a necessary element to affect education advancement. ‘We hope to invite more people FEATURE + passionate about teaching to join the team, to elevate both the quality of teaching and instruction material used. We hope to devote more in this area and see results in three to four years.’ Jokingly referring his own generation as ‘nerdy bookworms’, Dr Cheung praises the resourcefulness and talents of present students. ‘These up-andcomers have unique and fascinating skill sets, such as artificial intelligence application or coding, and we educators learn a lot from them. For example, we recently cooperated in using big data in analysing how different patients respond to various scoliosis treatments and came up with the factors that affect treatment results. The algorithm manipulating census data is written by a student, and these two years of cooperation between educators and students is testimony of how the Department’s legacy lives on.’ Multi-pronged Strategy for Future Development With increased orthopaedic demand of an ageing population in Hong Kong, the importance of the specialty is ever more acute, prompting the Department to double its efforts. ‘Presently, about general practice cases are related to orthopaedics but the number of doctors joining this specialty is disproportionally low 病例與骨科有關,但 加入這個專科的醫生 人數少得不成比例 40% Professor Kenneth Cheung Man-chee 張文智教授 • Born in Hong Kong. Studied medicine and practised in the UK for 17 years 香港出生,赴英學習和執業17年 • Joined HKUMed in 1992 1992年加入港大醫學院 • Appointed Head of Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, HKUMed in 2012 2012年起擔任港大醫學院矯形及創傷外科學系系主任 • Stepped down from headship in 2021 and continues to teach and conduct research at the Department 2021年卸任系主任職位, 繼續留系執教與研究 32