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Challenging the Pandemic with The Trinity Challenge Feature As many of us are getting used to living with the SARS-CoV-2 virus by wearing a mask wherever we go, a global consortium of scientists, Professor Gabriel Leung (Dean, HKUMed) being one of them, is developing a trailblazing solution for simple, affordable and scalable early detection of novel infectious diseases using data and analytics, which has received the second prize at The Trinity Challenge in late June. Led by Professor Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, the consortium BloodCounts! seeks to use data from routine blood tests, with over 3.6 billion performed worldwide every year, in developing a broad disease surveillance network with no new equipment or procedures. This innovation, developed by Dr Michael Roberts and Dr Nicholas Gleadall from the Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge and NHS Blood and Transplant in the United Kingdom, can be easily applied to scan abnormal changes in the blood cells of large populations, almost anytime, anywhere. By observing changes in the blood measurements associated with infection, medical professionals and public health agencies can be alerted to potential outbreaks and take prompt action accordingly. ‘Using the most readily available full blood data to detect potential infection outbreaks is highly desirable because it is convenient and efficient in terms of time, manpower and resources. I look forward to working with the BloodCounts! team to roll this out across the globe to better prepare ourselves for tackling any novel infectious disease in the future,’ said Professor Leung. Comprised of members from Belgium, The Gambia, Ghana, Japan, Kenya, Hong Kong, India, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the United States, and now with the support from The Trinity Challenge, BloodCounts! is set to take its solution globally. HKUMed is proud to be one of the founding members of The Trinity Challenge, a coalition of 42 organisations from the private, public, philanthropic and academic sectors launched in September 2020, working towards protecting the world from future pandemics by using data, analytics and digital tools. For more information, please visit . 殹䧮⦛⡦儘⡦㖒⛳䨥衽〡縟鷷恸黠䥰莅倞ⱟ氻嫬 Ⱏ㶸⛓ꥹ度㣐ꄴ㷸ꤎꤎꟀ 哀⼾⨀來䱇 剤⟨⿮莅涸㕜ꥹ 猰灇㕰꥙姻ⵄ欽侸亙ⴕ區灇涮矦㋲僒欽⭆ꐏ㻜䟃 〳㣐鋊垸䥰欽⚛腋갸傍⩏庠倞莇⫄厪氻涸䇩倞倰岁⚛ 䤊姽䪮遯倴Ⱉ剢♴傐囙栽5IF5SJOJUZ$IBMMFOHF✳瘞栁 鑪㕜ꥹ猰灇㕰꥙そ捀#MPPE$PVOUT歋薊㕜ⷧ堀㣐 㷸䥰欽侸㷸ㄤ椚锸暟椚㷸禺 $BSPMB #JCJBOF4DIµOMJFC 來䱇걆㼬傌㖈ⵄ欽椕嫦䎃鹎遤馄麕 ⭚妄涸䌢鋊過 巊增庠侸亙灇涮腋䑞岌湌庠氭氻涸笪窄麕玑嫝갭⹛欽 倞㘗鏤⪔䧴玑䎸僽갪ⶾ倞䪮遯歋薊㕜㕜字⥃⨴縭過巊 ⿻獵嗃鿈Ꟍ薊㕜ⷧ堀㣐㷸過巊猰涸 .JDIBFM 3PCFSUT ⽈㡦 ㄤ /JDIPMBT (MFBEBMM ⽈㡦 Ⱏず灇涮罜䧭〳⟃ꦑ儘 ꦑ㖒⩏庠ⵌ㣐ꆀ➃〡過巊稣脆⛓殯䌢隶⻋鷴麕錚㻌莅 ⫄厪氻湱ꡠ涸過巊䭸垦隶⻋ꄴ派㼠噠➃㆞ㄤⰗⰟ遽欰 堥圓⤑〳陪䞮ⵌ⫄厪氻㣐鋊垸旙涮涸〳腋⿻儘䱰《湱 䥰涸遤⹛ 哀⼾⨀來䱇邍爚չ〫꨾ⵄ欽剓䌢鋅涸過侸亙⤑ 腋劢ꨎ笈籢갸庠〳腋ⴀ植涸㣐鋊垸䠮厪溁儘倰⤑䨾 ꨾銴涸➃⸂暟⸂⛳鯱㼱䨾⟃鸏珏⩏庠倰岁ꬌ䌢〳《䧮 歋邪劍䖊莅 #MPPE$PVOUT 㕰꥙伟䩛ざ⡲㼟鸏갪䪮遯䲀 䑞荛⚆歲ぐ㖒捀䥰➰劢⢵䧴㼟ⴀ植涸倞莇⫄厪氻⨞㥪 彋⪔պ #MPPE$PVOUT 㕰꥙䧭㆞⢵荈嫲ⵄ儘䀥嫲❏⸈秝 傈劥肥㽳❏껻度⽫䏞蚛貽倞⸈㗗⽂ꬌ薊㕜ㄤ 繡㕜㖈5IF5SJOJUZ$IBMMFOHF须ꆄ涸佅䭰♴➮⦛㼟㖈 椕ぐ㖒䥰欽僽갪䪮遯鍑对ⰗⰟ遽欰⽭堥 度㣐ꄴ㷸ꤎ⼧ⴕ囙䎋腋䧭捀5IF 5SJOJUZ $IBMMFOHF 涸ⶾ㨥䧭㆞⛓♧5IF 5SJOJUZ $IBMMFOHF倴 䎃 剢䧭用⻽翹✫Ⱇ猙斊遤噠䡹㊥ㄤ㷸遯歲Ⱏ ⦐穉籽 涸➃䩞荞⸂鷴麕⢪欽侸亙ⴕ區ㄤ笪窄䊨Ⱘ⥃ꥻ椕⨴ 䐁鼚⯝椕㣐崩遤ⱄ䏞涮欰㥶妝栽《刿㢵湱ꡠ须鎝 锞懳錒  劢ꨎ笈籢鵔䨞椕㣐崩遤 28