HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Interdisciplinary Major This 96-credit interdisciplinary major is hosted by the LKS Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with Faculties of Architecture; Business and Economics; Law; Science; and Social Sciences. ࠮ Foundations in Global Health and Development ࠮ Globalisation and Health ࠮ Leadership and Advocacy in Global Health and Development ࠮ Global Health Policy Four anchoring courses, one in each year of study, adopt a case-based problem-solving approach to assist students to navigate the interconnectedness among the various academic disciplines. These courses include: Anchoring Courses ࠮ Sustainable Leadership ࠮ Foundations of Human Knowledge ࠮ Essential Skills for Undergraduates: Foundations of Data Science Three BASc Core Courses will be offered in Year 1 and 2 to cultivate an interdisciplinary mindset in students, to nurture their leadership and advocacy talents, and to hone their skills in cutting-edge big data sciences. These courses include: BASc Core Courses A distinctive feature of the programme is a compulsory capstone, during which students will be placed for a six-month experience facilitated by HKU. Students will gain exposure to real-life global health and development challenges. They will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and receive mentoring from organisations at the forefront of Global Health and Development, which will help pave the path to their career. Field Placement / Capstone 6