HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

The Capstone is more than the placement alone – it is designed to make students think critically about the work they are doing, and how it relates to global health and development challenges more broadly. Students are also pushed to improve their communication skills by providing timely updates and a presentation to their peers at the end of their placement. This year we have students working in organisations such as UNICEF, UNDP, IFRC, and a host of NGOs in Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, Istanbul, New York, and Geneva. In addition to their professional experiences, these students will take away rich memories of exploring new places and cultures. This is what the placement is all about! Taking an overseas placement during undergraduate study exposed me to real-life global health and development settings. I am elated to apply interdisciplinary knowledge to my internship and make impactful changes to the community. This rewarding experience has further confirmed my aspiration to advocate for the underprivileged population in the global society. Dr Andrew Thomas Park Lecturer and BASc(GHD) Placement Coordinator Dickson Tong BASc(GHD) Year 4 5