HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Faculty’s Firsts The Faculty has always been at the forefront of medical research and development of new clinical services for the benefit of mankind. With our researchers’ toil and persistence, we have made important contributions to the study and treatment of cancers and liver diseases, and have made notable advances in tissue typing, spinal surgery, infectious diseases, in-vitro fertilisation, endocrinology and tobacco-related diseases. First transoral approach performed for the surgical treatment of upper cervical spine dislocations and tuberculosis in the world Pioneered anterior approach for surgical treatment of spinal tuberculosis, known as the “Hong Kong Operation” First Pharyngo-laryngo-oesophagectomy in the world 1959 First in the world to conduct an adult-to-adult right lobe living donor liver transplant First in Asia to show improved respiratory health in children in response to pollutant reduction after the implement of anti-air pollution law 1996 First catheter based endomyocardial transplant of autologous bone marrow stem cell for treatment of severe coronary artery diseases in the world First radiofrequency ablation for cancers in Hong Kong 2001 First antenatal screening for hereditary blood disease established in Hong Kong 1983 First kidney transplant in Hong Kong 1969 1990 First bone marrow transplant in Hong Kong 1964 First maxillary swing operation for recurrent nasopharyngectomy in the world 1989 First lung transplant in Hong Kong First baby in Hong Kong conceived through intracytoplasmic sperm injection was delivered 1995 First microsurgical thumb replant in Hong Kong 1977 First intervertebral disc transplant in humans in the world 2000 4