HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Teaching and Learning: Empowering Curious Minds More than 320 full-time teaching staff from our 20 departments and schools deploy the latest technologies, such as virtual reality, to engage students in the classroom. These full-time teachers are supplemented by honorary teachers, most of whom are medical professionals. HKUMed takes a student-centred approach, always listening to your needs and welcoming feedback on the curriculum and other aspects of student life. We are constantly reviewing the curriculum to ensure it keeps pace with scientific developments and the needs of modern healthcare. To achieve this, our teaching is constantly evolving to ready you for today’s healthcare industry, such as training in point-of-care ultrasound for medical students. You have access to enrichment opportunities throughout your time at HKUMed, from international exchanges to volunteering for community vaccine drives. Clinical Service: Building a Caring and Compassionate Society HKUMed delivers superlative clinical service and provides robust clinical governance in all settings that we serve. Our four affiliated hospitals under the HKU Health System offer valuable opportunities for students to learn more and learn better. These hospitals also represent the Faculty’s leading status in healthcare management in Hong Kong and the region. Research and Innovation: Opening Locked Doors to the Unknown Research is an important part of HKUMed’s global reputation: 61 of our members ranked among the top 1% of scholars in their field in terms of citation and recognition. We are always looking ahead to the next breakthrough while brushing up our existing areas of expertise. As such, HKUMed researchers stand at the forefront of research into COVID-19 and infectious diseases globally with two of our scientists receiving the 2021 Future Science Prize in Life Sciences for their work. Our researchers are supported by ample funding, state-of-the-art facilities and the Faculty’s extensive worldwide networks. As an undergraduate, you can explore research opportunities with the guidance of our scientists and pursue discoveries in our world-class laboratories to get a head start on your career. Our members engage in a wide range of activities to share their knowledge and expertise to benefit Hong Kong society as a whole. HKUMed graduates are a testament to the excellent education we provide and have gone on to become the leaders in their fields in Hong Kong and the world. 3