HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Enrichment Year: Broadening Your Horizons Year 3 ;OL ,UYPJOTLU[ @LHY ,@ PZ H JYLKP[ ILHYPUN JVTWVULU[ NP]PUN LHJO 4)): 000 Z[\KLU[ [OL TLHUZ [V take charge of your learning and tailor activities to your interests and desires. EY is specially designed to facilitate the enhancement of your total learning experience. You will be able to formulate your EY through three different categories: Service/Humanitarian Work, Research ([[HJOTLU[ HUK 0U[LYJHSH[PVU You may take part in a humanitarian relief mission at remote locations, experience medical camps in \UKLY KL]LSVWLK JV\U[YPLZ VY ^VYR SVJHSS` ^P[O 5.6Z ]PH :LY]PJL /\THUP[HYPHU >VYR -VY [OVZL ^P[O PU]LZ[PNH[P]L TPUKZ YLZLHYJO PU[LYUZOPW SVJHSS` H[ /2< VY PU[LYUH[PVUHSS` H[ ^VYSK JSHZZ SHIVYH[VYPLZ MP[ WLYMLJ[S` ^P[O 9LZLHYJO ([[HJOTLU[ ;OYV\NO 0U[LYJHSH[PVU `V\ HYL HISL [V [HRL TPUVY VY LSLJ[P]L JV\YZLZ H[ /2< VY LUNHNL PU M\SS `LHY HY[PJ\SH[PVU Z[\KPLZ H[ YLUV^ULK \UP]LYZP[PLZ V]LYZLHZ 6]LYHSS V\Y ,@ PZ HSPNULK ^P[O /2<»Z ZP_ \UKLYNYHK\H[L LK\JH[PVUHS HPTZ [V LUHISL `V\ [V KL]LSVW capabilities in pursuit of academic/professional excellence, critical intellectual inquiry, tackling novel ZP[\H[PVUZ JYP[PJHS ZLSM YLMSLJ[PVU JVTT\UPJH[PVU HUK JVSSHIVYH[PVU HUK SLHKLYZOPW The Enrichment Year programme is the first of its kind in the world. One of the main purposes is to allow our students to gain a broader experience about the human condition. We would like them to see something outside the hospitals, about how people actually live, and how they struggle with life’s problems. Professor Gilberto Leung Associate Dean ;LHJOPUN 3LHYUPUN 10