HKUMed UG Prospectus 2022

Introduction to the Art and Science of Medicine (14 weeks) ;OL 0(:4 TVK\SL \UKLY [OL 7YL JSPUPJHS *\YYPJ\S\T provides a comprehensive foundation of the biomedical sciences that are critical to the art of medical practice. The 0(:4 TVK\SL THRLZ \W TVZ[ VM `V\Y SLHYUPUN K\YPUN [OL first semester at HKUMed and is organised under the following modules: Molecules of Medicine Drugs in Action Cells, Tissues & Systems Infections and Host Defence System-based Blocks (48 weeks) ;OL JVTWSL_P[` VM O\THU OLHS[O PZ YLMSLJ[LK PU V\Y Z`Z[LT IHZLK blocks, where you will acquire an understanding about the workings of the human body during the second semester of Year 1 HUK [OL LU[PYL @LHY ;OL ZP_ Z`Z[LT IHZLK ISVJRZ JV]LY! Cardiopulmonary and Renal Systems; Gastrointestinal System; Musculoskeletal System; Head, Neck and Nervous System; /HLTH[VSVN` HUK 0TT\UVSVN` :`Z[LT" HUK ,UKVJYPUL HUK Reproductive Systems. Students are at the centre of all we do as teachers. Active learning is a top priority – having students engaged in innovative ways during lectures and practicals, collaborating during problem-based learning, and actively responding to probing questions with immediate feedback through our e-learning platforms. My first year at HKUMed was quite the baptism of fire, but nothing short of amazing. I have so many opportunities to discover what I want to get out of life and my passions during my study. Finding my footing with all parts of life as a med student — friends, societies, workload, hall life and more — is made so much easier by the community here. From attending conferences in Malaysia to pushing through every struggle, whatever paths you choose here, there will be joy and success along the way! Professor Julian Tanner MBBS Programme Director 7YL JSPUPJHS Winston Lam MBBS Year 2 Student 9