Year 4 MBBS program The objective of the fourth year is to achieve competencies in ophthalmic clinical examination skills. The teaching is done in the form of skill laboratory during the integrated block. This will ensure that the students are equipped with the skills and confidence to examine patients when they start their junior clerkship. Two new whole class sessions will be delivered to cover the ophthalmic manifestations of systemic diseases and common eye diseases to provide background information when the students encounter patients later in their clerkship. Year 5 MBBS program Year 5 will give the students the greatest exposure to ophthalmology. The knowledge and clinical examination skills acquired in Years 1 to 4 provide the necessary background for the students to begin their clinical a�achments in Year 5. At the beginning of their senior clerkship, 6 whole class sessions, in the form of didactic lectures are delivered. Furthermore, students will have 6 days of problem-based tutorials and clinical a�achments. The students will be assigned to HKU Eye Centre, Queen Mary Hospital , and Grantham Hospital for clinical a�achment. We have also introduced a half day a�achment to our 6-day clerkship at the HKU-Southern District Eye Screening Program with a focus on common eye diseases in the community. It would allow students to 1) practice direct ophthalmoscopy on subjects who give consent to this and would also allow 2) review of fundus photos with our teaching sta� as well as 3) learn to interpret common ophthalmic investigations. 內外全科醫學士(四年級) 第四年的學習目標是要達到眼科臨床檢查技能的 能力。教學會以技能實驗室的形式進行。透過這 種教學模式,可增強學生在開始初級實習生涯前, 為病人診症的技能和信心。我們將提供兩個新的 課程,涵蓋全身性疾病和常見眼疾,為學生在實 習後期跟進病人時提供背景資料。 內外全科醫學士(五年級) 五年級醫學生將獲得最大的機會接觸眼科。在一 至四年級獲得的知識技能和臨床經驗,為五年級 醫學生的臨床實習提供了必要的背景資料。在他 們開始高級實習時,會以教學講座形式提供六個 全班課程。此外,醫學生並會參與為期六天的問 題導向式教學和臨床實習。學生將被分配到香港 大學眼科中心、瑪麗醫院和葛量洪醫院進行臨床 實習。我們還在當中加入為期半天的香港大學南 區眼科檢查計劃實習,重點關注社區常見的眼科 疾病。並讓醫學生 1)對參加者進行直接眼底鏡檢 查 2)與我們的教學人員一起查看眼底照片以及 3)學習解釋常見眼科檢查。 41 HKU Eye Center Inaugural Report The University of Hong Kong