Along with Queen Mary Hospital and Grantham Hospital, the HKU Eye Center is a core teaching facility for ophthalmology education and training to HKU undergraduate medical students and postgraduate students. The undergraduate curriculum for our medical students is integrated horizontally (with other parts of the curriculum being delivered each year) and vertically (from one year to another in a progressive manner) with a goal to a�ain competency in essential ophthalmic skills for the detection of common eye diseases and acquire action-oriented knowledge to recognize symptoms and signs of emergency eye diseases for referral. Year 1 & 2 MBBS program In the first two years, ophthalmology is taught along with anatomy and physiology illustrating the clinical relevance and importance of basic science. 香港大學眼科中心,與瑪麗醫院和葛量洪醫院同 為香港大學醫學生和研究生提供眼科教育和培訓 的主要教學中心。 我們醫學生的本科課程分為課程水平整合(每年提 供課程的其他部分)和垂直整合(以漸進方式從一 年到另一年)。醫學生透過為病人作出基本眼科檢 查而獲得寶貴的臨床診斷經驗,如在診斷時發現 病人情況緊急,可即時轉介病人到相關眼科專科, 病人因此可適時獲得治療。 內外全科醫學士(一年級和二年級) 在這兩年,眼科與解剖學和生理學會同時間教授 予醫學生,藉此說明了基礎科學的臨床相關性和 重要性。 1. Undergraduate Education 醫科生教育 40 Ophthalmology Training and Education 眼科專科培訓和教育