Apart from serving the local population, we train eye doctors and o�er eye care services to residents in the less privileged regions. Our mission in promoting eye health is global and regional. Throughout the years, we have been actively participating in local and international non-governmental organizations, such as Lifeline Express and Orbis. Our sta� have served as visiting consultants for Lifeline Express and volunteer faculties in Orbis to train ophthalmologists and perform complicated ocular surgery. In collaboration with Lifeline Express, we have initiated the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (DRS) Community Programme to help promote public knowledge and raise community awareness of diabetic retinopathy. The DRS programme has o�ered free DR screening to members of the public at multiple locations across Hong Kong. We have provided grading service for over 2,000 participants screened by DRS since 2017. In partnership with Orbis, we have been o�ering online training to ophthalmologists and eye care professionals regionally and globally during COVID when traveling is restricted. We are privileged to share our expertise and knowledge to the rest of the world. 除了為香港居民服務外,我們也在世界其他貧困 地區培訓眼科醫生,並為當地的居民提供眼保健 服務。我們促進眼睛健康的使命既是區域性亦是 全球性。多年來,我們積極參與區域和國際慈善 組織的眼科服務,例如健康快車和奧比斯。我們 的醫生擔任健康快車的客席顧問和奧比斯的志願 醫生,培訓眼科醫生執行複雜的眼科手術。在香 港,我們與健康快車合作,發起了糖尿病視網膜 病變篩查(DRS)社區計劃,向公眾宣傳並提高社 區對糖尿病視網膜病變的認識。DRS計劃在香港 多個地點為公眾提供免費篩查。自2017年以來, 我們已為2,000多名參與者提供分級服務。我們 與奧比斯合作,在傳染病大流行期間,為全球的 眼科醫生和眼科護理專業人員提供在線培訓。對 於能與世界各地的醫護人員分享我們的專業和知 識,我們深感榮幸。 6. Partnership with NGO – Delivering our care and expertise at a global scale 與慈善機構合作⸺將我們的關懷和專業知識向世界傳開 Cataract surgery Charity Online Orbis Cybersight lectures delivered by our professoriate sta� 由我們的教授級人員提供的在線講座 (Orbis Cybersight) 37 HKU Eye Center Inaugural Report The University of Hong Kong