1. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kwok Charity Cataract Surgery and Research Program 郭炳江先生夫人白內障手術服務及研究慈善計劃 Cataract surgery Donation Prolonged waiting time for cataract surgery has compromised the quality of vision and the quality of life in many cataract patients in Hong Kong, which has worsened during the COVID19 pandemic when more people became financially deprived and incapable of a�ording ophthalmology consultation and cataract surgery in the private sector. With a generous donation provided by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kwok, HKU ophthalmology is embarking on a cataract surgery and research program. In collaboration with Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council, we will identify visually impaired individuals coming from low-income family for free professional eye exam and free cataract surgery. We aim to: (1) provide free cataract surgery to the socially disadvantaged and (2) develop new algorithms to increase the precision of refractive outcomes a�er cataract surgery using advanced imaging technologies. 長時間輪侯白內障手術影響了白內障患者的生活 質素和視力。在新冠肺炎肆虐下,香港經濟環境 大倒退,市民面對前所未有的經濟壓力,更無法 負擔在私家診所接受眼科醫療諮詢和白內障手術 的昂貴費用。香港大學眼科學系得到郭炳江先生 及夫人的慷慨捐助,開展白內障手術慈善服務及 研究計劃。我們與香港聖公會福利協會合作,甄 選來自低收入家庭的視障人士,為他們提供免費 的專業眼科檢查及白內障手術。我們的目標是︰ (1) 為弱勢社群提供免費白內障手術,以及 (2) 開發新技術以提高屈光結果的精準度,使用先 進的影像工具量度最佳的近距和遠距視力。 Professional eye exam 32 Community and Charity Clinical Services 社區及慈善臨床服務