140 for 140 Global Recruitment Campaign

• Outstanding scholars are also sought to support HKUMed Innovation Hubs, in which we are working with leading partner institutions from around the world to apply genomics, big data and advanced technologies to deepen our understanding of viruses and cancers and develop cuttingedge treatments. The five transdisciplinary R&D clusters seek expertise to support and drive HKUMed’s goals forward. The clusters include the Centre for Immunology and Infection; Centre for Oncology and Immunology; Centre for Virology, Vaccinology and Therapeutics; Centre for Translational Stem Cell Biology; and Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health. • Hong Kong Government’s Global STEM Professorship Scheme is supporting local universities to recruit outstanding overseas research talents at mid-career for academic positions in Hong Kong. The scheme was announced during the Chief Executive’s Policy Address in November 2020 undertaking generous funding support for 100 such posts across the SAR. • In addition, HKUMed is continuing with its regular, on-going exercises to recruit both up-andcoming and experienced clinical and research professoriate staff with outstanding records of achievement, to replace natural attrition, in all areas of clinical medicine and surgery, as well as biomedical sciences, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and Chinese medicine. See all current openings here. HKUMed’s position as a world leader in research was demonstrated by our work on COVID-19, where our scholars provided some of the earliest key insights on the culprit virus and its spread, and were sought out by governments and organisations around the world for advice and guidance. We are also a leader in Hong Kong and the region on complex and groundbreaking clinical care. 140 FOR 140 GREAT MINDS FOR GRAND CHALLENGES