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Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Investigation to Understand the Treatment Principle of Chinese Medicine

Programme(s) to which this project applies:

☑ MPhil/PhD ☒ MRes[Med] ☒ URIS
About the Project

This project aims to understand the treatment principle of Chinese medicine, including the scientific rationale of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, using artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted big data analysis. We established a series of AI model for the analysis of public-available and in-house clinical patient data, in order to decipher the underlying scientific evidence and connection between modern medical knowledge and the traditional wisdom in Chinese Medicine.

About the Supervisor

Professor YB Feng, School of Chinese Medicine


Next Step?

For more information or to express interest for this project, please email the supervisor or the specified contact point in the project description.  Interested candidates are advised to enclose with your email:

  1. your CV,
  2. a brief description of your research interest and experience, and
  3. two reference letters (not required for HKUMed UG students seeking MRes[Med]/URIS projects).

Information on the research programme, funding support and admission documentations could be referenced online at the Research Postgraduate Admissions website.

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