Student Wellness


The Student Wellness Team regularly hosts events and welcomes collaborations with various institutes, centres, and students’ groups at HKUMed and HKU to enhance students’ experiences at HKUMed. Some of the initiatives include ongoing Take a moment and Let’s talk events, as well as upcoming events including:

  • Sexual harassment awareness - Equal Opportunities Festival collaborations March 11 2020

Check out our past events below!

Take a moment…

Take a moment is an ongoing series of events to support students during exam period and throughout academic year. Here are some of our past event!

  • Take a moment…. to relax
    • Fresh fruits and snacks
    • Sweet Soup and Fish ball in the Hall
    • Caring baskets displayed in Library, Madam SH Ho and Patrick Manson Hall.
    • Mini cupcakes sharing
  • Take a moment…. with Jasper
  • Take a moment…to play music
    • Piano for anyone to play at MMW Lobby.