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Student Wellness

Crisis Intervention Service

Professor Albert R. Roberts, founding editor of the Journal of Brief Treatments and Crisis Intervention, defines a crisis as “a period of psychological disequilibrium, experienced as a result of a hazardous event or situation that constitutes a significant problem that cannot be remedied by using familiar coping strategies”.
Here at HKUMed, we take student crisis and emergency situations seriously with precedence. The main goal and role of Student Wellness Team, in time of crisis and emergency situations, is to help student re-establish immediate coping skills, provide support, and restore to pre-crisis functioning.  
A number of events and/or circumstances can be considered a crisis, here are some examples of crisis scenarios:

  • Thoughts of suicide or homicide
  • Life-threatening situations such as natural disasters
  • Sexual assault or other criminal victimization
  • Medical illness
  • Mental illness
  • Loss or drastic changes in relationships (e.g.: in death of a loved one)

When a crisis and/or an emergency situation is being identified, the Student Wellness Team will immediately direct attention, provide appropriate assessments and clinical interventions to assist in alleviating student(s) from the imminently urgent circumstances.  If situation is outside the Student Wellness Counsellors’ scope of practice, help from appropriate authorities (e.g.: Ambulance Services) will be sought immediately.

If you learn of student(s) in emotional distress with imminent risk during office hours, please take prompt and necessary actions and notified the Student Wellness Service Team immediately. 

The Student Wellness Services Team currently adopts the after-hour emergencies practice at CEDARS-CoPE.  Please click here for information on after hour care and service providers available in the community.