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Student Wellness

Counselling Service

Asking for assistance from other healthcare professionals at necessary times often yields positive results. We encourage our students, future responsible healthcare professionals, to take the same approach within their lives.  

Our confidential counselling service is free of charge to all postgraduate and undergraduate students at HKUMed.  Service records are also kept entirely separated from academic records.

Examples of reasons seeking counselling service includes:
•    Coping with stress
•    Managing relationships
•    Dealing with depressed and/or anxious moods
•    Recovering from psychological trauma
•    Alleviating sleep problems
•    Addressing unhealthy coping (in forms of eating habits and/or addictive behaviours)
•    Overcoming phobia
•    Grieving loss 

Please click here for more signs when assistance may be needed.  

Through individual therapy, you can establish a collaborative, confidential relationship with a therapist who can help you learn coping strategies and work through your concerns.

Groups can create a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment where students can connect to other students on shared struggles or current life circumstances. Students are welcome to form their own groups and come in together with prior arrangement.

Intake Assessment is a starting point. During intake, your Student Wellness Counsellor will explore and work collaboratively with you on concerning issue(s) that brought you here.  When necessary, the Student Wellness Counsellor may suggest referring you to medical or psychiatric services, or services in the community or private sector.

All of our counselling services adhere to professional, legal, and ethical guidelines established by the University of Hong Kong, professional organizations and the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) in Hong Kong.

The information shared during counselling will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the Student Wellness Service Team and/or the psychiatrists without your written permission.


For student: I would like to talk to a counsellor! :)