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As a member of the Central Internship Committee, the Faculty plays a key role in intern placements and training. The progress of interns is closely monitored by the Faculty Internship Committee.

Pre-internship Block
Since June 2001, the Faculty has organised structured activities to prepare graduates for their 1-year internship that commences in July. A 3-week Pre-internship Block consists of activities including:

  • practice tips workshops to familiarise students with the responsibilities that they will take up as interns;
  • orientation by HA on employment conditions and terms; and
  • a one-week attachment to the hospitals where students will have their internship. This incorporated in the Block to ensure sufficient time for students to adapt to and familiarize with the working environment of their first rotation.

For queries and/or feedback about the internship arrangements, including the pre-internship Block, please send your e-mails to the Medical Faculty at:

If you encounter any difficulties during your internship year, please feel free to contact: