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6 December 2017
  • Exhibition Area
7 December 2017
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Session 5: 13:10 - 14:10

Adjudicators:Dr KF Chung, Department of Psychiatry
Dr Danny Wong, Department of Medicine
Display Unit No.Presentation Title and Student Name
P5.01Psychological well being and quality of life of adolescents congenital heart disease patients in Hong Kong

Miss SO Chun Yee Serana
MPhil Candidate | School of Nursing
P5.02Maternal diabetes did not affect retinal vascular development under normal condition

Miss TSANG Kwan Wun
MPhil Candidate | Department of Ophthalmology
P5.03Differential transcriptomics profiles of enterovirus 71-infected and coxsackie-virus-A16-infected human rhabdomyosarcoma cells

Miss TSANG Oi Ling
MPhil Candidate | Department of Microbiology
P5.04Perceptions, Experiences and Challenges of Healthcare Providers in Providing Care to South Asian Ethnic Minority Patients: A Qualitative Study

Ms VANDAN Nimisha
PhD Candidate | School of Nursing
P5.05Molecular basis of carpal tunnel syndrome

Miss WANG Ni
PhD Candidate | School of Biomedical Sciences
P5.06Glutathione S-transferase P1 (GSTP1) supports stemness phenotypes of lung adenocarcinoma

Miss WANG Siqi
PhD Candidate | Department of Pathology
P5.07Use of rodent models in the study of menopausal symptoms: A review of experimental studies

Ms WANG Xueyu
MPhil Candidate | School of Chinese Medicine
P5.08Metagenomics study of individuals with seasonal influenza

Mr WANG Yinpeng
MPhil Candidate | School of Public Health
P5.09The effect of Mancozeb on spheroid attachment in vitro co-culture model and gene expression profiling of Ishikawa cells

Miss WANG Ziyi
PhD Candidate | Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
P5.10Regulation of TNF╬▒-induced insulin resistance in adipocytes by melatonin and PDZD2/sPDZD2

Mr WONG Lok Hin
MPhil Candidate | School of Biomedical Sciences
P5.11Establishment of adult-onset osteosarcoma cell lines

Mr WONG Yuk Lun
MPhil Candidate | Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
P5.12Decoy ODN against cancer stem cells transcription factor NANOG: a possible approach for inhibition of ovarian carcinogenesis

Mr WONG Cheuk Pang
Research Internship Candidate | Department of Pathology
P5.13Role of syndecan-4 in adaptive thermogenesis

Ms WU Chen
MPhil Candidate | Department of Medicine
P5.14Factors associated with the detection of influenza A virus-laden particles in air sampled from an University campus in Hong Kong

Ms XIE Chenyi
MPhil Candidate | School of Public Health
P5.15New insight into functional analysis of structural variants in cancer genome

Mr XU Hang
PhD Candidate | School of Biomedical Sciences