Research Areas

Centre for Genomic Sciences

What are the genetic differences that make some people more vulnerable to certain diseases than others?

How can we best analyse the massive amounts of data generated by modern genomic technologies to gain insights into biology and diseases?

Major Research Areas

Functional and structural characterisation of the genome; elucidation of genomic, epigenetic and transcriptional regulatory networks and their role in disease; identification of genomic loci important for disease aetiology, disease diagnosis, disease susceptibility, or clinical outcome; biomarker discovery; comparative genomics; meta-genomics, drug-genome interaction.

Statistical genetics and bioinformatics:
Population genetics; statistical methods for genetic studies on diseases; algorithms for sequence analysis; functional pathway and network modelling; systems biology; genetic analysis software development

Contact Person

Professor P.C. Sham
Tel: 2831 5500
Fax: 2818 5653