Research Areas


Note: Research Postgraduate Students will register under the teaching departments according to the supervisors instead of the following units.

Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education (BIMHSE)

What is the most appropriate method for assessing student learning in medical humanities?

How should students use mobile devices during problem-based learning?

Major Research Areas

This theme focuses on both the theoretical and instructional bases of teaching and learning, such as problem-based learning, team-based learning, e-learning, teaching large groups and facilitating small groups.

Curriculum design and development:
This theme focuses on (1) the formal, informal and hidden curriculum, (2) curriculum development and evaluation, and (3) humanities, professionalism, interprofessional learning, language education, anatomy education, etc.

Assessment and evaluation:
This theme focuses on (1) assessing learning, (2) evaluating teaching, and (3) quality assurance.

History of medicine:
This theme focuses on (1) history of medicine, science and technology in general, (2) history and politics of international health organizations.

Departmental Postgraduate Admission Advisor

Dr L.K. Chan
Tel: 3917 9077
Fax: 2816 2293